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Novyi Svit Winery for New Year 2014 created unique Christmas Tree of 5990 bottles of champagne

Novyi Svit Winery for New Year 2014 created unique Christmas Tree of 5990 bottles of champagne

On 25th of December 2013 in Novyi Svit, Crimea, Ukraine was created unique Champagne Christmas Tree of 5990 bottles of champagne of Novyi Svit Winery.

Champagne Christmas Tree is 10 meters high and looks like a pyramid. For the staff of Novyi Svit Winery it was needed two weeks to complete their gift to all visitors and guests of Crimea and Ukraine who want to celebrate New Year 2014 with champagne of amazing and fantastic taste.

History of Novyi Svit Champagne

Date of foundation of Novyi Svit Winery is considered to be 1878 when Prince Lev Golitsyn estate acquired Novyi Svit and decided to take this new and promising business - the production of champagne.

Lev Golitsyn had a goal - to create a very nice drink not inferior to the best French champagne.

In Novyi Svit Prince Lev Golitsyn created a collection of vineries which had more than 600 varieties. They have been selected the best varieties of grapes which became the basis for the local sparkling wines: Pinot, Chardonnay, Aligote, Riesling Rhine. That they are still using the Crimean wine for sparkling wine production.

Already the first batch of champagne issued Golitsyn in 80th years of XIX century received widespread international acclaim. Golitsyn was the first winemaker to receive the right to print the emblem of the Russian Empire on the label of his wines.

In 1896 in honor of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II Prince Golitsyn brought in Moskow a new champagne brand "Coronation". This was the first time in the history of the coronation of Russian Emperors when it was used Golitsyn's champagne.

In 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris Golitsyn champagne "Paradisio" received the highest award - Grand Prix.

Prince Golitsyn Winery brought him a good income which was to popularize the champagne on the territory of Russian Empire. In order to instill a love to champagne for the ordinary citizens Lev Golitsin used risky measures - the champagne sold below its prime cost. Also large spending of money went to the construction and maintenance of tunnels-cellars for storing champagne. It was the construction of approximately 3 km of tunnels in Koba-Kaya mountain which has never been filled completely with champagne.

Prince Golitsyn spent a lot of money to create a wine collection which numbered more than 50 000 types of wine. All this has led to the bankruptcy of Golitsyn and his company. To save a collection of wines as well as his winery from the creditors Lev Golitsyn decided to give his estate and winery to Emperor Nicholas II. At its core the production of sparkling wines and champagne in the Russian Empire was nationalized and became state property in 1913.

After the October Revolution of 1917 Golitsin's vineyards and winery has been long in decline. Only in 1932 Novyi Svit Winery resumed its work and issue of champagne which is to this day.

Authors of Champagne Christmas Tree in Novyi Svit, Crimea, Ukraine

Novyi Svit Winery Team
Novyi Svit Winery
Novyi Svit, Ukraine

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