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Renewed Raketa-Hydrofoil opened navigation Kherson - Hola Prystan

Renewed Raketa-Hydrofoil opened navigation Kherson - Hola Prystan

On 9th of September 2014 opened navigation of renewed Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 between Kherson and Hola Prystan after twenty-year break.

Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 was found and restored by businessman Dmitry Vlasov.

More than 20 years stood hydrofoil in Chernihiv. Estimated cost of purchase was around 50 000 US dollars and company Dniprofoil owned Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 on November 20, 2013.

Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 was made in 1988 so it was a lot of hard work and invest of money to bring it into good condition. It was restored, repaired, painted at Kiev Shipyards.

On May 27, 2014 Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 was into the water in Kiev. And on June 14, 2014 after sailing down by Dniepr River arrived in Kherson.

According to businessman Dmitry Vlasov information today it is the only ship of this type which began regular navigation. Although some raketa-hydrofoils of Polissya type left in Ukraine. One of them plans to renovate and next year to open navigation between Kherson and Nova Kakhovka.

Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 will sail regularly about 3-5 times a day. The ticket price will be 30 UAH (around 3 US dollars). The raketa-hydrofoil can carry 50 passengers.

More about Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5

Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 - passenger vessel for shallow waters intended for high-speed passenger traffic in daytime with duration of navigation up to 8 hours.

Key Characteristics

Manufactured: Gomel Shipyard (Gomel, Belarus)
Period of manufacture: 1983-1996
The number of ships built: 114
Body: aluminum-magnesium alloy
Wing: consists of fore and aft wings
Displacement: 13.5 t
Total displacement: 20.5 t
Length: 21.3 m
Width: 5.0 m (maximum)
Height: 4.8 m (maximum)
Draught: 1.0m (afloat), 0.4 m (foilborne)
Engines: 1 × M401A - 12-cylinder V-twin four-stroke diesel engine with clockwise rotation turbocharged, water-cooled and reverse clutch (made by Leningrad factory "Star")
Power: 810 kW (1100 hp) (maximum), 590 kW (operational)
Propulsion: one 6-blades bronze fixed pitch propeller diameter of 0.7 m
Speed: 75 km/h (40 knots) (maximum), 65 km/h (operational)
Cruising range: 400 km
Crew: 2 persons
Seating capacity: 50 passengers
Capacity: 5 t (gross), 1.5-3 t (on the upper deck)

Organizers of Raketa-Hydrofoil Polissya-5 Navigation

Kherson River Station, Hola Prystan River Station
Kherson, Hola Prystan, Ukraine

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