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Tourism Project Cruise-T | On 7-10.09.2015 in Kherson | Workshops

Tourism Project Cruise-T | On 7-10.09.2015 in Kherson | Workshops

On in Kherson at 09:00 will start plenary meetings and work of International Summer School of participants of Tourism Project Cruise-T in Kherson State University (40 years of October str., 27, room 256).

Tourism Project Cruise-T will feature teams of European Union, Georgia and Ukraine and will take place in Kherson region from 5th to 13th September 2015 in the framework of European Commission Tempus of tourism education.

The main objective of Tourism Project Cruise-T - development and strengthening of external co-operation of neighboring Eastern European countries and countries of Black Sea region in tourism industry - in particular the development of cruise tourism.

On 9th of September 2015 will start workshops of the project:

09:00-18:00 - Workshop №1. Service and quality of service. Address: Kherson, Tekstilchshiki lane, 3, Hotel "Dnipro"

09:00-18:00 - Workshop №2. Social Networks in IT Tourism. Address: Kherson, 40th of October str., 27, Kherson State University

09:00-18:00 - Workshop №3. Cruise tourism. The development of a tourist destination. Address: Kherson, Ushakova ave, 34, Travel Agency "Pan Geo"

9.00-18.00 - Workshop №4. Ecotourism. Address: Hola Pristan, base of green tourism "Seagull".

On 10th of September 2015 at 14:00 will be conference with participation of Kherson State Administration and the organizers of the event. Address: New Kakhovka, Dniprovskiy lane, 44-a, Yacht Club "Maxim Marine".

Organizers of Tourism Project Cruise-T in Kherson

European Union’s Programme Tempus
City: Kherson
Country: Ukraine

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