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In Bayev of Lutsk region was opened Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping

In Bayev of Lutsk region was opened Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping

On 19th of March 2015 in Bayev of Lutsk region was opened Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping and now it is one of the most interesting tourist sights of Volyn.

One of founders of the museum known Volyn beekeeper Vladimir Dmitruk admits that the idea of ​​opening a museum of beekeeping he was dreaming for almost 10 years. He and his colleagues beekeepers gathered during this time a lot of antique and unique beekeeping tools and items.

The idea of creating of Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping came when Vladimir Dmitruk has been to National Museum of Beekeeping of Ukraine named Petro Prokopovich in Kiev. Since then Vladimir Dmitruk began to actively collect future museum exhibits and to create the museum of beekeeping invited scientists and workers of Volyn Regional Museum who helped create exposure and manage them.

Tours of Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping is done on pre-order and also in the museum conducting wedding ceremonies.

The tour of the museum begins with exhibits that are on territory near museum. There are a lot of ancient natural bee hives (bee-trees).

In Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping mainly made prototypes of hives that were used by our ancestors. But also there are some original bee hives that had previously been used for decades and were home to bees.

Among the variety of hives you can find an observation hive where the bees live and work. It is equipped the way toursits can look inside through plastic cover.

Also in the museum there is a hive of Stephen Panasyuk made of concrete which is designed as a wooden hive. There are so-called Alpine hive of Roger Delon with difference is the design of framework and may consist of several sections. Tourists also can see 150-year hive where once lived the bees.

Inside of Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping are bee museum exhibits. It even survived Lenin's order dated 1919 year that prohibiting taking taxes of beekeepers.

Among the exhibits is a documentary technologies withdrawal of queen bees by artificial and natural ways, small library with various literature on bee keeping, stands with information on benefits of honey and pictures that tell the history of Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Volyn "Royoviy Stan".

Also in the museum is unusual plastic mini-hive which is warm for bees and can be divided into different sections. In addition there is a special venom for bees which heals them from ticks.

In the museum you can see different samples of honey: buckwheat, acacia, lime, rape, forest honey and honey of grasses.

Lutsk beekeepers of Volyn region joined the alliance of tourism and developed so-called "Honey Tour". The tours include "Honey Cottage" in Lutsk, Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping and apiary of Anton and Mariya Shotik in Radomyshl and apiary of Yuriy Momot and Valentin Glushko in Rozhysche.

With the passage of this unusual tourist route tourists can get acquainted with the history of beekeeping, taste honey and take course of apitherapy - treatment of bee venom, honey massage and sleep a night over bee hives.

Organizers of Bayev Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping

Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Volyn "Royoviy Stan"
Bayev Museum of Honey of Volyn Beekeeping
Bayev, Ukraine

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