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Mikulichin Sights | Wooden Church of Trinity (1868)
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Mikulichin Sights | Wooden Church of Trinity (1868)
Construction of the existing Wooden Church of Trinity started in 1866 and ended in 1868. The first written mention of the local church in Mikulichin originated to 1700. The old wooden church was located in the cemetery above Falchi suburb. In 1760's strong storm destroyed the old church.

Wooden Church of Trinity could not build during two years because one group of villagers wanted the church was in Horby suburb and another - on Pidlisniv suburb. So all building materials disappeared until the community has not been decided to place the church in the middle of Mikulichin - on the priest lands which he gave for building.

Wooden Church of Trinity was designed by imperial-royal architect-engineer Chaykovetskyi of Nadvirna district.

The wood for the building of the church carried on sleds pulled by oxen of Suholis tract and Foreschyk tract. The stone for foundations and fence of the church was from the shore of Prut river.

Every household had to build stone fence of three meters long or pay to other builders for that work. Organization support was made by brothers - Fedir Kostyuk and Fedir Chemyh of Palyanitsy village.

Wooden Church of Trinity was built under the direction of Kosivschyna master by seven brothers Filyak of Pohar village.

In summer 1911 a devastating flood made the village and the church a lot of damage. Therefore in this and next year it carried out repairs - the church was covered with tin roof and bell tower with shingles.

During World War II fascist invaders were taken four silver bells of bell tower of Wooden Church of Trinity. The largest of them weighed five tons. Its bell was heard within a radius of 12 km.

In the old days crosses on domes of the church were wooden. Modern metal crosses and window bars in 1929 established by blacksmith Matviy Yakoviv.

During restoration work in 1988 on the left of the iconostasis under linen icon was found original icon with the author's signature "Ustyyanovych". In 1989 gilded iconostasis.

Today on the bell tower of Wooden Church of Trinity there are five bells - the largest of which weighs six hundredweight.

In 2002 on entry gates of the church was established a new bell tower.

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