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Art Festival Econyaka 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine
Art Festival Econyaka 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine

On 6th of April 2013 in Lviv will take place "Art Festival Econyaka 2013" with e xposition of festival will be placed in Lviv Palace of Arts: Kopernika, 17, Lviv, Ukraine.

Visitors of "Art Festival Econyaka 2013" are invited to carry out artistic journey of two worlds - "Urban" and "Eco".

World "Urban" - a world of artificially created by mankind that meet the artificial, contrived needs. This is a world where people hostile to nature, trying to enslave her. In this world of true values, true love and friendship spoofed virtual life at the screens of numerous monitors. Every day in this world full of constant chase - for money, pleasure, technological innovations, fashion, excessive accumulation rather meaningless things.

In contrast, world "Eco" - is the natural world. A world in which people live in harmony with nature and treats her with respect. Here - clean water, green grass, tall trees, fresh air, fragrant flowers. This is a world of piety and wisdom, a sense of peace prevails here, happiness and peace. In this world are people whose consciousness is free from self-interest, is full of caring and kindness. These are people who understand - "To the world around us was peaceful and quiet - peace and tranquility should be within us".

The exhibition will feature original works of contemporary Ukrainian artists (installations, photographs, paintings, collages, drawings, posters). All works will be on display in the art competition.

The festival program

12:00 - opening ceremony - Small Stage

12.30-13.00 - Drum concert by Timur Gogitidze (group "AtmAsfera") - "Urban" World

13:10-14:00 - Presentation of the "Journey to the vertical" (Lviv) - Small Stage

14:00-14:30 - Theatrical performance by eco-theater "Wind of change" - "Urban" World and Great Hall

14:30-16:30 - Lecture "The Green Miracle Diet" - Great Hall

16:30-17:30 - Workshop on nutrition - Great Hall

17:30-19:00 - Screening of the film "Forks over knives" (2011, USA) - Great Hall

17:30-18:10 - Workshop on eco-cosmetics - Eco Zone

17:30-18:10 - The concert of contemporary music performed by Yuriy Yaremchuk - Small Stage

18:00-19:00 - Performance of "Freddy Marx Street" - Large Stage

19:00-19:30 - Theatrical performance by eco-theater "Wind of change" - "Urban" World and Great Hall

19:30-20:00 - Announcement of the results of the contest, awarding the winners - Large Stage

20:00-21:00 - Concert of "AtmAsfera" - Large Stage

21:00 - Closing Ceremony - Great Scene

Also during the day to act eco-coffee shop and lounge-room and all the children enjoyed the fun eco-clowns.

The organizers of "Art Festival Econyaka 2013"

Arina Shadi
Palace of Arts
Lviv, Ukraine

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