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AIESEC One World Festival 2013 | On 20th of July 2013 in Luhansk (Lugansk), Ukraine

AIESEC One World Festival 2013 | On 20th of July 2013 in Luhansk (Lugansk), Ukraine

On 20th of July 2013 under support of international youth organization AIESEC that is the most large global youth network in the world in Luhansk (Lugansk), Ukraine will take place AIESEC One World Festival 2013

Festival of cultures bringing together representatives of 113 countries, representatives of various diasporas, residents and guests of Luhansk.

AIESEC One World Festival 2013 will be held in several stages. First of all - it's an interactive exhibition "Multinational Ukraine": diverse culture of Ukraine will be represented in terms of the traditions and customs of ethnic communities, diasporas and ethnic groups in Ukraine.

At the exhibition tables will feature traditional souvenirs, costumes and food, household items, videos and photos about different nationalities of Ukraine.

Polish mazurka, Indian art of mehendi, yoga - what else can you expect? There will be fascinating and incomparable concert with performances by various nationalities of the world. During concert will take place competitions and active games with unusual gifts. And in the end of the evening - a special gift to the audience of AIESEC One World Festival 2013.

At AIESEC One World Festival 2013 will be volunteers from different countries that participate in the program "World without borders" of the international youth organization AIESEC. The purpose of the project - parenting in a tolerant way, English language training, work in social projects and more.


AIESEC - the world's largest independent, non-political, non-profit public organization run by students and young professionals who are interested in leadership, management and solution of world problems. Today AIESEC has over 35 000 members from around the world.

Organizers of ARTA Multisport Creative Festival 2013 in Luhansk (Lugansk)

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