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Kryvyi Rih Tour "Heart of Black Lake" | Industrial Tour
Unique Route of Industrial Heritage in Kryvyi Rih with Ukrainian Local Guide

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Grotto of Heart of Black Lake
Tourists and guests of Kryvyi Rih are offered a unique exciting adventure - the industrial tour "Heart of the Black Lake" by the route up to 10 km.

During this small but fascinating journey that lasts 4-6 hours tourists will visit a mystical “Black Lake”, "Cave of Mountain Troll", "Crater of Adventurers", observe the panorama of Yubileynaya mine, “Stone Sea” with frozen waves, impressive Forged Bridge, operating Walking Dragline ESH 11/70, ancient "Gallery of Orcs", "Grotto of Wanderers", Quarry №2 PJSC "CGOK" and other unique places of the industrial heritage of Krivyi Rih.

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Walking Dragline ESH 11/70Experienced local guides will show tourists all locations and let them know about their features and history of origin.

"Heart of Black Lake" Tour Itinerary

- Meeting the group or individual tourists in the hotel or hostel in Kryvyi Rih
- Transfer by a private car to start point of walking tour "Heart of Black Lake"
- Guided tour with local guide by the route:

"Black Lake" - "Cave of Mountain Troll" - "Crater of Adventurers" - "Stone Sea" - Forged Bridge - Walking Dragline ESH 11/70 - "Gallery of Orcs" - "Grotto of Wanderers" - Quarry №2 PJSC "CGOK"

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Black Lake- Transfer by a private car from end point of walking tour "Heart of Black Lake" to the hotel or hostel in Kryvyi Rih

"Heart of Black Lake" Tour Industrial Sights and Attractions

- "Black Lake" - the only lake in Ukraine with absolutely black water. Scientists still argue upon such mystery and can’t find the unique clue and solution. Guides with the help of special equipment will fetch a bottle of black like pepsi-cola water so that tourists could witness that it is not atmospheric or visual effects that make its colour black. Also tourists will see the videos about the investigation and study of this phenomenon.

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Entry to Grotto of Heart of Black Lake- "Cave of Mountain Troll" - reconnaissance mine pit of 44 meters length with the remains of mine equipment at the end of which there is an artifact.

- "Crater of Adventurers" - a collapse sink-hole on the dump №5 of Yubileynaya mine at the bottom of which tourists can descent with a safety rope (optional). Here tourist also have a chance to observe the panorama of Yubileinaya mine as well as to have a rest and make selfi on the background of this industrial landscape.

- "Stone Sea" - a heap of boulders with frozen waves created by humans.

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Stone Sea- Forged Bridge - a railway connection facility built in 1949 which stopped its operating as intended in 2013.

- Operating Walking Dragline ESH 11/70 - full-turn electric mining machine with working equipment of dragline and the bucket with the volume of 11 square meters and a boom of 70 meters in length.

- "Gallery of Orcs" – an ancient mine with the depth of more than 30 meters and remains of mine equipment.

- "Grotto of Wanderers" – a huge impressive cave - open mine drilling chamber with the size of a football field with closed crosscuts.

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Crater Adventurers- Open pit №2 PJSC "CGOK" – where the extraction of minerals began in 1973. Currently the open pit y is used for storing the attle.

"Heart of Black Lake" Tour Terms and Conditions

Industrial tour is possible for individual tourists and a group of maximum of 4-5 tourists.

Imporatant! Tourists need to understand that it is a walking and hiking tour with no need of special skills - anyway you have to be physically fit for walking during 4-6 hours.

Provisional application is filed within 1-3 days in advance by e-mail: : or
+38 050 936 96 80 (WhatsApp, Viber)

Heart of Black Lake Tour in Kryvyi Rih | Industrial Tour | Yubileynaya Mine"Heart of Black Lake" Tour time: 09:00 - 15:00
Total cost of "Heart of Black Lake" Tour for a tourist in a group of 4-5 tourists or individual tour: on request

The author of pictures of "Heart of Black Lake" Tour is photographer Anatoliy Novak, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.

"Heart of Black Lake" Tour can be an additional day to Grand Industrial Tour

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