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Kiev Red Bull Flugtag 2013 | On 2nd of June 2013 at 12:00 in Kiev, Ukraine

Aeroshock 2013 | Festival of Aeromodelling Sport 2013 - On 31.05-2.06 and 8.06-9.06 2013 in Borodyanka, Kiev region, Ukraine

On 2nd of June 2013 at 12:00 on Rusanivskyi channel in Kiev, Ukraine will take place show of flying people in funny handmade aircrafts - Kiev Red Bull Flugtag 2013.

Participants of the show create their own aircraft which accelerates and takes off with a 6-meter springboard. Performance of each team is evaluated on three criteria: flight distance, originality and artistry of the aircraft commanders view.

First Red Bull Flugtag took place in Vienna in 1991. Since then there were more than 100 events around the world from Ireland to America.

Record for the farthest flight was set on 24th of July 2010 at the festival Red Bull Flugtag in the US state of Minnesota when the pilot of the "Major Trouble and The Dirty Dixies" flying over water 63 meters beating the previous record of 60 meters set in 2000 Austria.

Flying man. History of flight

Leonardo da Vinci has created more than 100 drawings of aircraft. Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci formed the basis of modern aerodynamics. The most famous aircraft of Leonardo da Vinci - an ornithopter or a glider.

George Cayley designed new types of gliders and modified the shape of the wing in order to properly control the air flow.

Otto Lilienthal - German engineer has developed, built and tested eleven aircraft. The scientific rationale for soaring birds made by Otto Lilienthal and continued by Nikolai Zhukovsky largely determined the development of aviation. He made more than 2 000 flights in gliders of his own design. Created the first glider in which a man could fly quite a distance. He published a book about the basics of aerodynamics in 1889 on the basis of which the Wright brothers built their first aircraft.

The first flight of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in the distance 36,5 meters. The Wright Brothers significantly improved the system of control of the aircraft it possible to start experiments mounted on the motor glider.

Organizers of Kiev Red Bull Flugtag 2013 in Ukraine

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Rusanivskyi Channel
Kiev, Ukraine

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