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Aeroshock 2013 | Festival of Aeromodelling Sport 2013
On 31.05-2.06 and 8.06-9.06 2013 in Borodyanka, Kiev region, Ukraine

Aeroshock 2013 | Festival of Aeromodelling Sport 2013 - On 31.05-2.06 and 8.06-9.06 2013 in Borodyanka, Kiev region, Ukraine

From 31st of May till 9th of June 2013 in Borodyanka Airfield, Kiev region in Ukraine during five days will be held Festival of Aeromodelling Sport Aeroshock 2013
: May 31 - World Cup stage 3DX Ukraine 2013, June 1-2 - Main Festival Days, June 8-9 - World Cup Aerobatic F3A Masters Cup 2013.

The aim of Aeroshock 2013 festival - the popularization of aviation. On the infrastructure of the festival allocated 80 hectares of Borodyanka airport. 

Festival Aeroshock 2013 is the largest in Europe and CIS model aircraft event and aeromodelling sport competition. The skill demonstrated by Champions of the World, Europe, national championships - the best aeromodelling pilots around the World.

A fascinating show program with the actual flight patterns of different classes of aircraft and helicopters, spectacular air battles of World War II, skydiving, flying ultralight aircraft and balloons.

For the first time in the festival Aeroshock 2013 will be staged combat of models of airplanes and helicopters with a pyrotechnic show. On 1st of June will take place demonstration of beautiful night flying on a special jet and same day with the participation of the Kiev Club "Red Star" will be a unique reconstruction of the fighting of Second World War. Will be demonstrated one of the episodes of military events with the participation of German combat troops and soldiers of Soviet Army.

According to Aeroshock 2013 program professional pilots will demonstrate different classes of aircraft and helicopters. Each pilot will perform a mandatory program of flights. All flights will be commented on by a professional presenter.

There will be nine aeromodelling sport grades and for the first time introduces a new type of competition - racing of copies of sport aerobatic aircraft "Pylon Racing Aircraft Models".

Grades of Participants

Grade 1 - aerobatics F3A
Over a period of time the pilot must perform complex of aerobatics.

Grade 2 - Radio-controlled copies of piston aircrafts
The models are made with the maximum reliability in the accuracy of repeating planes of the 20th century. One, two, four-engine models.

Grade 3 - Radio-controlled copies of jets
Jet models flying at a speed of 200-380 km/ h.

Grade 4 - Radio-controlled gliders - a copy
Gliders with a wingspan of 7,5 meters. Models in the air picks up a copy of the towing aircraft which delivers them to a height of 300-400 meters for soaring under the clouds.

Grade 5 - Helicopters
3DX (as shorthand for: extreme flight in 3 dimensions) - a discipline that combined sporting and leisure flying radio-controlled models of helicopters. Competitions 3DX allows the pilot to compete in a creative, entertaining and spectacular flights. 3DX standard was introduced over 10 years ago as an opportunity to standardize the assessment of the competition and the overall rating of 3D pilots radio-controlled models of helicopters. Born from the experience of many years of competitions 3D Masters (unofficial World Championship in 3D), 3DX Cup has an enviable popularity and support among the top pilots and it is used as a universal format for 3D national events. Each year held 5-8 3DX Cups in different countries: Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and others and the Final Cup - in Holland or England.

Grade 6 - Acrobatics F3M
During the flights for the effect it is used smoke pumps installed on the aircraft.

Grade 7 - Dogfight
At the take-off area out six teams and the signal takes off six fighter aircraft. Begins dogfight of World War II. The task of the pilots during air combat as much as possible to cut ribbons of the enemy aircrafts and at the same time to save his own.

Grade 8 - Throwing a radio-controlled glider F3K
In round there are 5-12 pilots competing. Competition consists of 5-18 rounds. The task of an pilot - to make the model flight throw by hand, accomplish specified duration of flight and plant model within 30 seconds by the signal of referee. Off and landing model is performed within a limited area.

Grade 9 - Radio-controlled glider F3J
Glider with a wingspan of 3,5 to 4 meters. The group of pilots of 5-8 people at a time produce a start. The task of an pilot - to carry out a flight for 10 minutes and the last time seconds there is a goal to land in a circle with a diameter of 20 cm.

Throughout the time of the festival will be held demonstration of jumps with a parachute. Any spectator of the festival can try a parachute jump after special instruction and training.

For children will be held fascinating master class on aircraft modeling.

In the area of the festival will be prepared parking, runway, playground for the spectators with benches, a playground for children, outside restaurants and camping.


The tent camping will run from May 31 to June 2, 2013. Throughout the event will work around the clock security. The whole area of the camping will be illuminated at night, installed toilets. Festival guests can set their tents on the territory allocated to them for free. To do this directly in the festival it is needed to register in the tent "Tent Registration" at the entrance of the festival. You can also rent a tent at the festival itself.

Organizers of Aeroshock 2013 in Borodyanka Airfield, Ukraine

Aeroshock Team
Borodyanka Airfield
Borodyanka, Ukraine

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