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Kiev Sights | State Museum of Toys | Folk and Soviet Toys
State Museum of Toys has in its collection more than 15000 toys that highlight the history of Ukrainian toy production - industrial design toys, unique and original handmade toys and extremely colorful collection of Ukrainian folk toys.

Pearls of exhibition of State Museum of Toys considered doll of XIX century and African-bobblehead of family of Academician Alexander Bogomolets, chicken feather tree made by Sophia Zima, working model of steam engine, transformer "From Horse to Tractor" (1940), Pioneer Railway (1954).

Children and parents could look at different kinds of toys: celluloid figures of 1940s, antique-bears of 1950s, clockwork animals of 1960s and feel the influence of ideology of society on themes and imagery of toys: roly-poly-maize of 1960s, police-miliziya of 1930s, the first transformer toy "From Horse to Tractor" of 1940s.

Author's design dolls, figurines, stuffed animals demonstrate creative achievements of talented Ukrainian authors of toys. Continuous impact of scientific and technological progress reflected in industrial design of sewing machines (1950s-1970s) and toy irons (from coal to electricity).

Part of the exhibition of State Museum of Toys is extremely colorful collection of Ukrainian folk toys. The richness of subjects, perfect simplicity of forms, decor and color, presence of sound and moving elements - main features of traditional folk toys.

One of highlights of the folk toys collection are Yavoriv wooden toys that made a significant effect on development of art of toys not only in Ukraine but also in the whole Europe. The center of manufacturing of Yavoriv toys is Yavoriv city with surrounding villages of Lviv region. The existence Yavoriv toys actively developing since XVII century to First World War.

In ancient Ukrainian villages toy performed cognitive, educational, communicative and aesthetic function. It was accompanied a child from the birth and acquainted with traditions of native land.

In the museum exposition folk toys are not only a decorative and artistic object but an integral part of children's games, means of education and stimulate of creativity of children and adults.

Idea of creating the museum of toys arose in 1933 when according to Decree of CPSU (b) on August 26, 1933 №202 "Production of Children's Toys" initiated the creation of Toy Museums in Moscow, Tbilisi, Tashkent and Kharkiv. In 1936 in Kiev was opened permanent exhibition of toys that began an unique collection of the future museum of toys.

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