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Kiev Sights | Kidlandia Children City | Learn 100 Professions
Individual and group children tours in Kiev

Kiev Sights | Kidlandia Children City | Learn 100 Professions
Kidlandia Children City is an interactive children's entertainment park where children can get acquainted with more than 100 different professions. Here each child can learn various professions to earn game money, spend them on entertainment, gifts or accumulate in a bank account.

Young citizens of Kidlandia Children City in interesting and easy format learn about how the economy works in adult world to understand the value of work and money.

Kidlandia gives children the opportunity to feel like adults, play and have fun, find a hobby, uncover new talent in parallel with knowledge and skills that will be useful for them in real life. In the children city - boys and girls are the main. Adults may enter the territory of children city only when accompanied by a child.

There are 50 gaming stations - from fire station to school of art, from pizza restaurant to beauty saloon and more than 100 professions - from doctors to a pilot, from cameraman to race driver. All activities will help a child to find a future profession and favorite business.

Play stations are designed for children of different age groups. Every child between ages of 4 to 16 years can participate in different activities. For kids up to 4 years provided an opportunity for pleasant and useful stay in Kidlandia with all needed facilities for mothers - swaddle room, recreation and entertainment areas.

Kidlandia Children City is a real city for children with its laws, regulations, its own economy and currency. In Kidlandia there is its own monetary system. Money units are called Landes (LD) and are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 20. Landes are stored in the bank and valid on the entire territory of children's city. There are "Working" play stations where children can earn Landes and "Entertainment" stations where they they can spend them. Here is located toy shop where boys and girls can buy souvenirs, toys and other things on their own earned Landes.

Kidlandia Children City Play Stations

Public institutions

  • Police
  • Fire Department
  • Employment Center
  • Passport office


  • Airport
  • Bank
  • Insurance company
  • Supermarket
  • Express delivery
  • Aircraft
  • Mobile network shop
  • Internet service provider
  • Tourist agency
  • Detective agency
  • Interior design
  • Beauty saloon
  • Photo studio
  • Banking treasury
  • Customs
  • Fitness club

News and Media

  • Publishing house
  • Radio station "Kydland FM"
  • TV-studio "Kydland TV"


  • Construction site
  • House on fire

Health Protection

  • Clinic
  • Ambulance
  • Pharmacy
  • Stomatology


  • Milk factory
  • Chocolate house
  • Factory of sweet water
  • Biscuit factory


  • Theater
  • Karaoke club
  • Aqua make-up
  • Magician's salon

Automotive Sector

  • Auto-design
  • Driving school
  • Gas station
  • Training autodrome
  • Autodrome

Schools and Studios

  • Art school
  • Technical studio
  • Zoo studio
  • Model school
  • Fashion studio
  • Perfumer studio
  • Pizza school
  • Sushi school
  • Climbing school

Cafes and Restaurants

  • Cafe "CAF'É"
  • Cafe lounge for parents
  • Ice cream cafe
  • Restaurant


  • Toy shop
  • Souvenir shop

The staff of Kidlandia Children City will assume all responsibilities for organization and conduct of children's holiday events. In Kidlandia for an unforgettable child birthday there are:

  • Special room for holidays "Party Room"
  • Scene with karaoke system and two monitors to arrange a disco
  • Professional animators
  • Magicians with programs for children of all ages
  • Program of child birthday variety of theme that can be easily adapted for children of any age

As an additional agreement is possible to organize:

  • Festive table
  • Photography and videography
  • Gifts for children
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