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Kiev Sights | Experimentanium | Museum of Science and Technology
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Kiev Sights | Experimentanium | Museum of Science and Technology
Museum of Science and Technology Experimentanium is 1400 square meters of exciting entertainment, two floors and about 250 interactive exhibits which children can touch, twist and experiment.

Experimentanium is a scientific and entertainment center which demonstrated laws of science and phenomena of the world. In the museum it is possible to check conductivity of various objects, run a cloud to the very ceiling, draw intricate pattern using a pendulum, build bridges without nails and rope, sit behind the wheel of real firefighter truck, watch the birth of a tornado, look into infinity, observe lightning, forcing a magnet to fly. For this children only need to stretch out their hands to turn, rotate, spin, push, drag and see firsthand the workings of a particular scientific laws.

Permanent exhibition of the museum dedicated to branches of physics as Mechanics, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism and Acoustics.

Kiev Sights | Experimentanium | Museum of Science and Technology | Firefighter TruckIn a separate room provided Anatomy and recently opened a new section Secrets of Water. Also in the museum children find a wide variety of optical illusions, puzzles, laser and mirror mazes, game attractions. If something is unclear - there are always friendly guides nearby.

In Experimentanium unforgettable entertainment is not only for children but also for adults - the possibility of studying science and the history of its development.

For kids who want to continue experiments at home in the museum there is a shop where are sets of young chemist, intellectual games, art kits, puzzles and encyclopedias.

Museum of Science and Technology Experimentanium offers excursions that deepen knowledge in a particular scientific field. In addition in the museum held various interesting workshops, lectures, quests, games and competitions, informative and entertaining shows and there are scientific groups for schoolboys and schoolgirls.

Kiev Sights | Experimentanium | Museum of Science and Technology | TornadoNon-fiction shows: "Reagent Show", Show "Crystalomania", Physical Show "Extreme", "Tesla Show", "Experiments in Kitchen", "Acoustic Show".

Birthdays in Experimentanium take the form of a quest - a very interesting interactive game. Within 60 minutes children together with animator seeking for promptes hidden in the museum. On the route they do logical tasks, solve riddles and find codes. Goal of the game is to find the key to secret chest where there is a surprise for children from the museum. Each quest is thematic with participation of animators as favorite heroes.

Thematic quests for children:
4 to 7 years - "Ice Age", "Wizard of Experimentanium", "Alice in Wonderland", "Angry Birds", "Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".
8 to 13 years - "Treasure Island", "Through Looking Glass", "Harry Potter", "Secret of Forgotten City", "Superhero Quest", "School of Sicret Agents", "Sherlock Holmes", "Brainwood".

Explore the exciting world of science requires from active researchers a lot of strength and energy. Restore power and energy children could in the cafe located on the second floor of Experimentanium. Here children are waiting for delicious food, smiling waiters and good service.

Kiev Sights | Experimentanium | Museum of Science and Technology | Video
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