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Dental Implantation in Kiev, Ukraine | Dental Tourism

Dental Implantation in Kiev, Ukraine | Dental Tourism

Dental implantation in Kiev, Ukraine is a part of world medical service of dental tourism that is very popular for citizens of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other European countries where cost of dental implantation is so high.

One tooth dental implantation in United States and Canada cost around 4000 US dollars, United Kingdom - around 3500 US dollars, Australia and Spain - around 2500 US dollars.

High cost of dental implantation causes patients to search for alternatives to reduce total cost of dental services in other countries including Ukraine where prices of dental implantation is around 800 - 1500 US dollars depends on type of implants a patient want to choose.

Dental Implants Types for Implantation in Kiev, Ukraine

Luxury dental implants of Switzerland production: Nobel Biocare, Straumann.

High level dental implants of USA and Sweden production: BioHorizons, Bicon, Biomet, Astra Tech.

Medium level dental implants of German, Israel and South Korea production: Alpha Dent, AlphaBio, Ards, MIS, Implantium.

Medium level dental implants of Ukrainian production: Vitaplant.

Total cost of dental implantation consists of cost of implant with crown and price of work of dental implantologist. Producers of implants have wide network of distributors so cost of implant itself is almost same price around the world.

Many patients ask why prices for dental implantation is so different between countries and the key answer is easy - different cost of dental implantologist working time. In Ukraine dental implantologist makes less money per working hour compare to his colleges in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and European Union. Also the implantologist in Ukraine do not need to pay high cost of dental education like it is in coutries of advanced economies where an implantologist study on credit and need to return cost of his education.

Principles of study and training of dental implantologists are the same all over the world and the main criterion for selection of right implantologist is his experience preferably from 15 years. The quality of dental implantologist work in Ukraine is the same as in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and European Union. It also applies to medical equipment, materials, sterility and organization of the working process.

Another advantage of visit to capital of Ukraine for dental implantation is no need to apply for Ukrainian visa - citizens of USA, UK, Canada and European Union have right to visit Ukraine for a period of up to 90 days without a visa and the citizens of Australia - for a period of 15 days with getting visa on arrival in Boryspil International Airport (KBP). It is important to remember for citizens of Australia to print the confirmation of hotel reservation because only printed document allows to open Ukrainian visa.

Flights to and from Kiev, Ukraine are no expensive - for example, from New York, USA citizens of America can reach Kiev, Ukraine just for 650-800 US dollars of return ticket cost, from Montreal, Canada to Kiev, Ukraine - 600-700 US dollars, from London, United Kingdom to Kiev, Ukraine - 175-250 US dollars, from Barcelona, Spain to Kiev, Ukraine - 200-250 US dollars. In 2017 Ukraine plans to sign an agreement "Open Skies" with European Union and expected come to aviation market a large number of low-cost airlines such tickets from Europe to Ukraine will cost in range of 50-100 US dollars.

We are welcome international patients to come in Kiev, Ukraine for dental implantation as they get high quality service and save money to spend on vacations around the world.

Organizers of Dental Implantation and Dental Tourism in Kiev, Ukraine

Dental Studio of Dental Implantologist Lubomir Prokopyuk
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine

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