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Kiev Apitherapy and Hippotherapy Tour | Sleep on Beehives
Kiev Apitherapy Tour | Sleep on Beehives | Bee Hotel

Kiev Apitherapy and Hippotherapy Tour is offered for tourists who want to improve health by sleeping on beehives and children that want to enjoy time with ponies and horses.

Small Bee Hotel is a modern wooden cottage with two beds under which located eight beehives with live bee colonies. It is possibile just relax on beehives for one hour or sleep on beehives all night.

The effect of rest during Kiev Apitherapy Tour in Bee Hotel is simply amazing because it relaxes the entire body and relieves stress.

Kiev Apitherapy Tour | Sleep on Beehives | EntryThe air of Bee Hotel is filled with a pleasant aroma of honey, wax and pollen which has a positive effect on health as well as the sounds of buzzing bees tune in to sleep and rest.

Bee Hotel is located next to more than 50 beehives which are in the apple garden. It is especially pleasant to be in it in the spring - when the entire garden is filled with beautiful flowers and the fragrance hangs in the air.

Not only in the spring but also in the summer and even in the autumn when the weather is still warm - tourists can spend a cozy weekend far from the city noise on the nature almost in the center of Kiev.

Kiev Apitherapy Tour | Sleep on BeehivesTo have a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner on the territory there are several gazebos as well as a barbecue where visitors can cook meat on an open fire.

During August heat a small pond with water will cool the air and create a pleasant evening for tea or coffee with your beloved, friends or business colleagues.

Between the bushes and trees a statue of Manneken Pis hid - a copy of the most famous Manneken Pis which is the main attraction of Brussels in Belgium.

Not far from Manneken Pis there is an old cart of Ukrainian Chumaks on which in the old days they brought salt from Crimea in the night along Milky Way.

Kiev Apitherapy Tour | Sleep on BeehivesIf there is a time and desire to learn more about the life of bees and flowers from which pollens and honey collects - welcome to Museum of Apiculture where in two rooms visitors can get acquainted with the history of beekeeping development as well as see unique exhibits: historical and new beehives, tools of beekeeper, special devices for catching swarms of bees, centrifuges for pumping honey from frames.

Also very close is the only museum in Ukraine - Museum of Medicinal and Honey Herbs. The uniqueness of the museum is that there are only three such museums in the world - in Switzerland, Austria and Ukraine.

Kiev Hippotherapy Tour | Children spend time with horses and poniesVisiting the museum brings great pleasure because the smell of field herbs even in dried form is very pleasant. Tourists can also learn more about herbs and how they can help to improve health.

For young children it will be pleasant not only to sleep on beehives, learn about the life of bees and importance of medicinal herbs and also touch and ride on ponies or horses. Hippotreapia is one of the modern methods of strengthening child's health and creating a positive emotional mood.

Kiev Apitherapy Tour and Kiev Hippotherapy Tour may be combined and will be useful both for adults and children - in a word - for the whole family and good health!

Kiev Apitherapy and Hippotherapy Tour | Sleep on Beehives | Terms and conditions

Kiev Apitherapy and Hippotherapy Tour | Total Cost

On your request: or +38 050 936 96 80 (WhatUp, Viber)

Total cost includes:

  • Individual or group transfer from Kiev hotel to Bee Hotel and back
  • Sleep on Beehives (depends on number of hours)
  • Visit of Museum of Apiculture and Museum of Medicinal and Honey Herbs
  • Hippotherapy and ride ponies

Total cost not includes:

  • optional tours
  • souvenirs and personal expenses
Kiev Apitherapy and Hippotherapy Tour | Sleep on Beehives | Video
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