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II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013" will be held on 9th-12th of May 2013 in Khotyn, Ukraine
II Festival Medieval Khotyn 2013 in Khotyn, Ukraine

On 9th - 12th of May 2013 in Khotyn in Ukraine will be held II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013". The festival takes place in the majestic Khotyn Castle on the Dniester river during May holidays.

Those who plan to attend II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013" waiting for an incredible and breathtaking spectacle: war games, massive horse fights and the siege of the castle using authentic siege equipment.

For the first time will meet in battle the strongest fighters mounted three countries: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Participants of II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013" will live and relax in Khotyn Historic Camp near Khotyn fortress in conditions similar to those which were common in the campaign for our ancestors. There will be historical and modern inn with nice prices where there is always a small fee you can eat and quench your thirst. Also you can participate in the games, master classes on interactive points (apprenticeship, acoustic music, contests), watch performances of street theater and evening fire show, listen to a concert of ethno-rock music.

II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013" Program

Day 1, Thursday, May 9
10:00 - Opening of II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013"
11:00-13:00 - Equestrian Tournament. Team meeting (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus). First qualifying round.
13:15 - Presentation of historical military clubs
13:30 - Massive fighting on foot
14:30 - Infantry. Tournament of different weapons. Preliminary fights
16:30-17:30 - Competition "Best Armor"
17:30-19:30 - Equestrian Tournament. Second qualifying round.
19:30 - Massive fighting on foot
20:30 - Folk concert

Day 2, Friday, May 10
10:00 - Opening of II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013"
10:30-11:30 - Contest "Best Costume"
11:30-13:30 - Equestrian Tournament. Fights for 3rd-4th place
14:00 - Massive fighting on foot
15:00-16:00 - Infantry. Tournament of different weapons. Preliminary fights
16:00-17:00 - Archers competition (on the main floor)
17:00-19:00 - Equestrian Tournament. Fights for 1st-2nd place.
19:30 - Massive fighting on foot
20:30 - Folk concert
22:00 - Evening program at the camp for the participants (music, games, contests)

Day 3, Saturday, May 11
10:00 - Opening of II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013"
11:30-13:30 - Tournament of horse archers
13:30-14:30 - Massive fighting on foot
15:00 - Tournament of walking fighters on a different weapon. Final
16:00 - Demonstration firing of the trebuchet
18:00-19:30 - Khotyn Castle siege (sally of defenders in order to capture the trebuchet, a fight on the fortifications with siege shields and shooters)
19:30 - Master classes in dance, medieval music
20:00 - Folk concert
22:30 - Massive fighting on foot in the castle. Without spectators.

Day 4, Sunday, May 12
12:00-13:00 - Massive fighting on foot
13:00-13:30 - Playground "Sport Sword"
14:00-16:00 - Professional fights
16:30-18:00 - Equestrian Tournament - shells (rings, scarf, saracens, dart, etc.)
18:00-19:00 - Awarding of the winners of tournaments and competitions
19:30 - Closing of II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013"

Who come to II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013"?

  • Fans of historical reconstruction. If the word "reconstruction" makes you positive emotions then necessarily you should go to II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013". Here you can stay in this medieval camp, try the food so popular in the XIII-XV centuries, enjoy playing flutes, harps and bagpipes. Medieval fun!
  • Craftsmen, merchants and creative. Blacksmiths, goldsmiths, weavers at the historic festival have the opportunity not only to relax but also to sell their works of art.
  • Soldiers involved in the historical medieval battle. Entertainment by II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013" provided it is through fighting, horse and foot tournaments, fortification sieges
  • Musicians of different directions. Ethno, folk, Celticum, rock - no matter what team is playing. Most importantly make music to please, inspire, encourage life.
  • Fans of archery. Each year best archers of Ukraine and CIS countries visit the festival. So if you consider yourself an avid archer - buy a ticket and do not forget to specify the conditions of the tournaments
  • Admirers of extreme sports. Extreme sports - is always extreme - it medieval or otherwise. What could be more extreme than real cavalry and infantry fighting involving knights in armor?
  • The Knights are fond jousting. What is jousting? This horse collision when two men approach each other at a gallop, striking shields spears in each other. Presented? Spectacular? And this is another reason why the medieval festival must see with your own eyes
  • Just active people. Professional photographers or amateurs "capture" moment. We invite everyone

The organizers of II Festival "Medieval Khotyn 2013"

HMB International Association
Khotyn Castle
Khotyn, Ukraine

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