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Hukliviy Sights | Wooden Church of Holy Spirit (XVIIІ)
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Zahiria Sights | Wooden Church of Holy Cross (1700
At the upper end of Hukliviy village preserved ancient Wooden Church of Holy Spirit built in the eighteenth century on the foundation of river stones and it belongs to wooden masterpieces of Verkhovyna.

Part of a perfect architectural ensemble is a wooden bell tower of eight meters high. Near the church preserved two ancient stone crosses.

Wooden Church of Holy Spirit has long been closed and was called "Museum of Atheism" so that helped to keep intact interior and iconostasis of 1784.

The church was restored in 1970-1971 but from 1998 to 2001 Wooden Church of Holy Spirit was in terrible condition through indifference to the cultural values ​​of local authorities.

Thanks to the support of sponsors in 2001 the church got a new roof of shingles.

It is Wooden Church of Holy Spirit in Hukliviy was the first step in the program of saving of wooden churches of Carpathians.

Then it turned out that left very few masters that can produce shingles to cover the roofs of churches. All shingle for wooden churches in Hukliviy, Uklyn, Yasinya and Velikiy Bychkiv produced Ivan Moldovan of Scherbovets villages of Volovets district.

In Volovets district lived and worked one of the last builders of wooden churches - Vasil Ulynets who built for his life ten wooden churches.

It is preserved two wooden churches in Volovets district made by Vasil Ulynets - in Pashkivtsy and Yablunov.

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