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Drohobych Sights | Wooden Church of Saint George (XV) | UNESCO World Heritage
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Drohobych Sights | Wooden Church of Saint George (XV) | UNESCO World Heritage
The first mention of Wooden Church of Saint George originating in 1496. During Tatar attack in 1499 it burned down. According to some documents was rebuilt in 1525. During another attack of Tatars in 1624 burned again. In 1657 from Nadiyiv, Dolyna region was carried the old church and on base of existing materials set current one.

In 1678 Wooden Church of Saint George was rebuilt and it got three domes. Repaired in 1823, 1833 and the end of XIX century.

In the church survived iconostasis of 1659-1666 created by Stephen Medytskyi. The murals of the nave is made in last quarter of XVII century. Choirs painted on expense of Gregory Proskurskyi in 1691.

Chapel painted in 1711-1714 and babynets - in XVIII century.

In 1961 the church was closed and in 1974-1975 carried out the restoration of Wooden Church of Saint George by architects Ivan Mohytych and Bogdan Kindzelskyi, painters Peter Linynskyi, Yaroslav Movchan, Natasha Slipchenko and Galya Druziuk and same time established the church as a museum.

To the north-east of the church is a wooden bell tower of 1670.

UNESCO World HeritageInterestingly that in ancient times wooden churches built of wood aged over 100 years. Preferably it was oak. The cost of wood aged over 100 years was very high so the materials for Church of Saint George were purchased for nine carts of salt. In those days for ten carts of salt a person could buy a small village.

There was a tradition that during worship in the main part of the church were men and babinets was for women and children. Babinets came of word "baba" that translate as "woman".

There was a certain ritual in which boys moved into the category of men. In high barrel of water that stood near the entrance to the church lowered the silver spoon and all the boys needed to try to get the spoon. Someone could get it - could stand in main part of the church and who could not - continue to remain in babinets.

Icon painter of the iconostasis of Wooden Church of Saint George used local landscapes and faces of the most famous people of Drohobych to describe biblical scenes on icons.

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