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Dnipro Butter Cookies is a sweet symbol of Dnipro since 1967

Dnipro Butter Cookies is a sweet symbol of Dnipro since 1967

Dnipro Butter Cookies is a sweet symbol brand of Dnipro city since 1967 that brings the taste of Soviet chilhood through the years to this day, let to evoke good memories and enjoy the possibility to make step back in time.

The design, recipe and the packaging of Dnipro Butter Cookies was made by engineer-technologist of confectionery production Oleksandra Leonova of Regional Department of Food Industry in 1967.

For the first time Dnipro Butter Cookies were made at Dnipropetrovsk Food Factory and from the light hand of journalists received the slogan "Cookies from childhood" for its delicate and incomparable taste.

Ingredients of Dnipro Butter Cookies are premium flour, butter, powdered sugar, margarine, condensed milk, honey, melange, salt, soda, invert syrup, ammonium, lemon essence.

Dnipro Butter Cookies History

One day returning from a trip from Kyiv Oleksandra Leonova went into the compartment of Dnipropetrovsk branded train, ordered tea and waited looking at the well-known curtains with Dnipro logo.

"How good would be if they now bring the cookies with the same name "Dnipro" to tea", - she thought.

And this thought did not leave her.

Dnipro Butter Cookies is a sweet symbol of Dnipro since 1967On returning to Dnipro she visited the confectionery workshop and here the recipe was selected. Next she drew the pictures for the cookies at home sitting in her garden and her daughter was painting nearby. The basis of the design of Dnipro Butter Cookies packaging was a ship from a child's drawing.

But the drawing for the cookies themself was especially successful. Here the ornament in the form of sharp waves on perimeter of cookies is framed by the inscription "Dnipro". It was decided to enlarge the size of cookies for greater impression.

It was decided that the packaging should be colorful and depicts Dnieper river in Dnipro city. Views of Dnieper river were made by a photographer comming from Kyiv and the final version of the main image of the packaging were chosen together. The first box of Dnipro Butter Cookies was with the image of Kherson bridge in Dnipro and a sailboat.

Oleksandra Leonova was awarded diplomas, prizes including Order of Red Banner of Labor.

She was incredibly happy! Dnipro Butter Cookies were really a success!

Mini-sculpture Dnipro Cookies in DniproIn 2012 Oleksandra Leonova was received a certificate of registration of her author's right for Dnipro Butter Cookies and Dnipro Stars Butter Cookies (made in 1969 as the next step of transformation of Dnipro Butter Cookies to the new shape).

In 2017 a license agreement was laid for the production and sales of Dnipro Butter Cookies with the owner of the copyright for cookies design - Oleksandra Leonova.

Since 2017 Dnipro Butter Cookies by traditional recipe from 1967 is produced by Dnipro Bakery №5 and available currently to purchase in supermarkets "Varus" in Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro Tourist Information Center (will be available in spring 2021) and soon will be available in main supermarket networks of Ukraine.

The leader of the team to restore the name of the brand Dnipro Butter Cookies and Dnipro Stars Butter Cookies is daughter of Oleksandra Leonova - Larisa Biletska.

Fourth mini-sculpture "Dnipro Cookies" of the project "Feel Dnipro" was opened on December 29, 2020 near observation deck of Park named after Taras Shevchenko and it is connected with Dnipro Butter Cookies - the brand that has more than 50 years history.

Welcome to Dnipro to taste the taste of Soviet Childhood!

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