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Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Petting Zoo for Children
Individual and group children tours in Kiev

Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Owl
Zoo 12 Months is modern Ukrainian zoo set up to give children thrills and good opportunity to spend a day outdoors with whole family and friends.

On 16 hectares of Zoo 12 Months every child could find something to do: watch animal games, jump on trampoline or enjoy a ride on camel.

In the zoo there is real fairy-tale castle like Walt Disney dream and Bavarian restaurant "Ludwig King" provides a variety of delicious and healthy dishes for kids and adult. Also in the zoo a child can celebrate his or her birthday.

Specially for children to have more fun in Zoo 12 Months on Saturdays and Sundays are held performances of circus - in winter it is Antarctic Ice Circus and in autumn, summer and spring - Circus of Animals.

In Zoo 12 Months childen can meet more than 100 exotic animals:

Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Lama - Asian red wolf
- Alpaca
- Eland
- Arctic white wolf
- African hyena dog
- Buffalo
- White lion
- Binturong
- Kamchatka brown bear
- Large bearded owl
- Ox
- Hawaiian Goose
- Cheetah
- Lar gibbon
Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Rhinos- Bactrian camel
- Boar
- Saguinus oedipus
- Raccoon dog
- Giraffe
- Chapman's zebra
- Canadian Black Wolf
- Capybara
- Caracal
- Kinkajou
- Red fox
- Black-brown fox
- De Brazza's Monkey
Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Giraffe- Mara
- White rhino
- Spider monkey
- Orangutan
- Spectacled owl
- Peacock
- Pelican
- Snowy owl
- Owl
- Cougar
- Lynx
- Wolverine
- Grey Siberian wolf
- Striped hyena
- Bengal Tiger
- Aardvark
Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Circus- Black jaguar
- Shetland pony

Animal Care Program

Zoo 12 Months is a private institution that independently solve problems related to its maintenance. Organizers are looking forward to any financial assistance and offer Animal Care Program.

Conditions of the program that philanthropist with his or her child could take care of specific pet or can assist in certain costs of food.

Development of Zoo 12 Months

The first phase of the zoo area covers 16 hectares. This territory is home for over than 100 animals.

After few years in plans of zoo organizers is construction of the second stage of the zoo for 10 hectares which will create all conditions for living walruses, seals, penguins and other inhabitants of aquatic world.

Demydiv Sights | Zoo 12 Months | Petting Zoo for Children
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