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Crimea Sudak Festival Kino Snachala 2013 | On 19th-21th of September 2013 in Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine

Crimea Sudak Festival Kino Snachala 2013 | On 19th-21th of September 2013 in Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine

From 19th till 21th of September 2013 will be held Rock Festival Kino Snachala 2013 in Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine. The place of the festival is ancient Sudak Genoese Fortress.

In the summer of 1981 three young guys with two guitars, a tent and backpacks with all good things come in Sudak to bask in the sun and swim in Black Sea. From the first minutes of being in Sudak picked up some rather fans who offered to stay in Morske village. And then once they had time to pitch a tent, came the fans and suggested a walk with guitars. Tthey brought them to a small local Broadway where three young guys played for four hours without a break. Thus the inhabitants of Morske village were the first audience for musicians which later became known as "Kino" band, and the young musicians were: Victor Tsoi, Aleksei Rybin and Oleg Valinsky.

Sudak fans of "Kino" band created a memorial sign in the shape of a guitar standing on the site of the tent of three young guys and Rock Festival Kino Snachala 2013 in commemoration of "Kino" band creation.

Music bands that will take part in Rock Festival Kino Snachala 2013: Sky SK (Kiev, Ukraine), Sky in Half (Moskow, Russia), Unknown Route (Minsk, Belorussia), Theory (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Roads Change Color (Poltava, Ukraine), Heart of the Sun (Kiev, Ukraine), Rana Ridibunda (Kiev, Ukraine) and others.

Organizers of Rock Festival Kino Snachala 2013

Maxim Perebenov and Team
Sudak Genoese Fortress
Sudak, Ukraine

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