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Crimea Novoulianivka Yoga Eco Camp 2013 | From 1st of May till 30th of September 2013 in Crimea, Ukraine

Crimea Novoulianivka Yoga Eco Camp 2013 | From 1st of May till 30th of September 2013 in Crimea, Ukraine

From 1st of May till 30th of September 2013 in Crimea will take place Yoga Eco Camp 2013 near Novoulianivka, Crimea, Ukraine. Eco Camp 2013 is located in the middle of an apple orchard, in a mountain valley at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.

The nearest natural attractions - Mangoup Calais, Kachi Kalon and Grand Canyon of Crimea.

Eco Camp 2013 is specially organized for educational practices, seminars and training courses aimed at the development of people and communities. Situated in a picturesque mountain valley in the heart of Crimean Mountains, Eco Camp 2013 is surrounded by natural areas of strength.

Undisturbed natural beauty, clean mountain air, the natural rhythm of life, healthy and harmonious environment - the main features of Eco Camp 2013. Each person gets here the opportunity to develop both spiritually and physically, to expand their horizons, to live a healthy life. The space Eco Camp 2013 is open to both beginners as well as for practitioners held a harmonious development of the individual, body and spirit.

The total area of Eco Camp 2013 is about 8 hectares. The nearest water bodies: the purest mountain lake in Novoulianivka due to the limestone bottom of the lake and have a white color and sometimes - emerald green, Muslim holy spring is 15 minutes walk from Eco Camp 2013, the temperature of the water in thespring of 7-9 degrees year round and in the camp has a swimming pool and a spring.

Eco Camp 2013 space can take up to 100 people at a time. The camp offers accommodation in own or rented tents or bungalows - summer houses for two or three people.

In Eco Camp 2013 there are three rooms: the Great Hall for 150 students and 80 people involved in yoga. If necessary The Great Hall closed on all sides by curtains. Sphere (Small Hall) for 50 and 25 students are actively engaged in yoga. The shell sphere if necessary opened or closed depending on the weather. The third area (Field) is a wooden platform under the tent surrounded on all sides by forest, a small distance from the camp to carry out high-profile practices or meditation for 30-50 people.

Vegetarian cafe is open from 8:00 to 00 23:00. Three meals a day for the buffet, its pastry specialties, organic food from the countryside.

Eco Camp 2013 will be visited yoga masters such as Andrew Sidersky, Leonid Gartsenshteyn, Alexander Taisha, professional travelers Goltis and Sergey Gruzdev, the most flexible person in the world - Mukhtar Gusingadzhiev, writers Robert Vincent Gerard, Sal Rachel, Anatoly Nekrasov and other powerful masters.

Educational program

  • Body-oriented spiritual practices: Yoga, Qigong, Belojar, Tai Chi, Tantra
  • Improving techniques and systems: Ayurveda, Massage, Reiki, Pranayama, Herbal medicine, Tibetan medicine
  • Psychological practice and therapy: the psycho-physical training, meditation, expansion and transformation of consciousness, knowledge of the nature of man, society and the Universe
  • Art therapy: healing music, drawing, dancing to the development of masculine and feminine, hand-made technology; ceramics
  • Healthy food: vegetarian, raw food, organic food, dietetics
  • Living in harmony with nature: the eco-building, alternative energy, organic and biodynamic farming

Eco Camp 2013 is an universal platform for learning, practice and implementation of a new experience. This space which implies a healthy way of life of the participants and quiet, creative environment and a sufficient level of domestic comfort.
Eco Camp 2013 offers:

  • Spacious, comfortable rooms for practice
  • Accommodation in comfortable bungalows
  • Vegetarian cafe, buffet, natural products
  • Recreation area, swimming pool, sauna, massage
  • Wi-fi, an evening movie theater, a playground, a creative workshop
  • Transfers to Black Sea and the lake, trips to places of power and excursions

Organizers of Eco Camp 2013

Eco Camp Team
Novoulianivka Village
Novoulianivka, Ukraine

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