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Cherkasy Sights | St. Michael's Cathedral | Largest Cathedral of Ukraine
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Cherkasy Sights | St. Michael's Cathedral | Largest Cathedral of Ukraine
In Cherkasy there is the largest Orthodox cathedral of Ukraine - St. Michael's Cathedral. Construction was started in 1994 on territory of Pervomaysk Park where was located Nicholas cemetery and two Orthodox churches destroyed during Soviet era.

The new church was built on initiative and project of Archbishop of Cherkasy and Kaniv - Sophroniy (Dmitry Dmitruk).

For the construction of St. Michael's Cathedral was collected 80 000 UAH of all inhabitants of Cherkasy so a huge building was built in fact only on donations.

Archbishop Sophroniy said that St. Michael's Cathedral which has no equal in Ukraine was the cheapest in the history of temple construction - it was built by the group of workers without participation of design organizations and any intermediaries.

Donetion for construction of golden domes was done by Kiev mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko. The building itself was built over six years and two more years left on interior painting.
Now St. Michael's Cathedral is the largest Orthodox cathedarl in Ukraine. Its height is 72 meters, length - 58 meters, width - 53 meters. But the whole complex of St. Michael's Cathedral is not finished yet - next planned to build 102-meters bell tower (for comparison the height of bell tower of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is 96 meters). The building of St. Michael's Cathedral could accommodate 12 000 worshipers.

About the construction of St. Michael's Cathedral tells an unusual legend. When was built the foundation and walls to the level of the first tier the workers noticed that on walls of the cathedral goes a woman. They started screaming for her to come down because to walk on the walls is dangerous. The woman turned to them and said three times the phrase "Here will be a temple!". Said and melted in the air...

You could visit Cherkasy Sights | St. Michael's Cathedral | Largest Cathedral of Ukraine with Ukraine Tour East Ring or by private tour from Kiev.

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