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Cherche Sights | Wooden Church of St. Basil (1897)
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Cherche Sights | Wooden Church of St. Basil (1897)
In 1897 in Cherche village at the new place was built a new Wooden Church of St. Basil of spruce wood designed by architect Vasily Nagorny. To the right of the entrance on the western wall hangs a plaque: "This wooden church built in 1897".

The iconostasis of Wooden Church of St. Basil made of cedar wood created in 1912 by Jakiv Dolhiy and gilded by Ivan Hontashevskyy. Icons for the iconostasis painted by painter Anton Manastyrskyy during 1923-1933.

Wooden Church of St. Basil painted by painter Zahachevskyi in 1954 and next drawing took place in 1982 by painters Levitsky, Tkachuk, Valchyshyn, Soltys.

Also on the wall of the church placed another memorial mark: "In the memory of Cherche priests: Ivan Sozanskyi (1866-1916) - organizer of rural education and builder of Wooden Church of St. Basil, Yuriy Budnyi (1909-1947) - died on hard labor and Ivan Didukh (1908-1961) - twice has been sent to Siberia and has died in his native land".

Near new Wooden Church of St. Basil completed construction of a new stone church.

You could visit Cherche Sights | Wooden Church of St. Basil (1897) with Ukraine Tour "Wooden Tserkvas of Carpathians"

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