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Zaporizhzhia Faeton Technology Museum celebrates 10 Years Birthday

Zaporizhzhia Faeton Technology Museum celebrates 10 Years Birthday

On 06.12.2021 in Zaporizhzhia Faeton Technology Museum celebrates 10 Years Birthday - the largest museum of that kind in Ukraine which has long history of its creation by local collector Dmitro Poznyak.

It is only because of Dmitro Poznyak initial decision to restore truck GAZ-AA and show it on the celebration on 9th of May of Victory Day - the beginning of the museum collection is started.

So from modest garage which could hardly fit a couple of cars he turned it into the largest technology museum in Ukraine.


Faeton Technology Museum starts its development when a permanent exhibition of classic cars, motorcycles and weapons was on display. The exposition is based in a hall of 1 000 square meters.


Hall of Weapons and Equipment from times of Second World War was opened.


Opening of a hall for domestic cars and cars of CMEA countries.


The second floor appears in the museum with motorcycles and sports cars.


Opening of a hall for large-sized military equipment from different countries.


Spacious hall appears in the museum with a comfortable recreation area for visitors. Here everyone could have a cup of coffee which is sold directly from the "Hippie Mobile", relax on cozy sofas and take bright pictures in a specially equipped photo zones.


Opening of the hall with a variety of household technique from different "times and peoples".


The long-awaited opening of “Seventh hall”. This is a building built from scratch in which agricultural equipment, railway and auto transport, construction and military equipment are collected.

Also the exhibits of Faeton Technology Museum all these years have been active participants in various events, international and All-Ukrainian exhibitions, rallies, reconstructions of various historical events, parades, photo sessions and much more. Some of the exhibits of the museum were lucky enough to “try on” the role of actors and become heroes of movies.

On November 1, 2013 "Book of Records of Ukraine" confirmed that Faeton Technology Museum is the largest in Ukraine. At that time the museum counted 100 units of equipment with a motor.

In 2016 Zaporizhzhia "TV5" TV channel releases the author's film "Faeton. Time machines". It tells about the history of some of the vehicles on display in the museum.

In 2018 Faeton Technology Museum presents the industrial tourism of Zaporizhhzia at UIIT Tourism Exhibition Ukraine in category "Travel and Tourism".

In 2020 the museum becomes an official partner and member of international organization FIVA (International Federation of Historic Vehicles).

So Faeton Technology Museum is a striking attraction not only for Zaporizhzhia but for the whole of Ukraine. Today in seven halls of the museum there are more than three hundred interesting exhibits to watch and enjoy for local and international tourists!

If you visit Zaporizhzhia - to visit Faeton Technology Museum is really the must do!)

Welcome to Zaporizhzhia and Ukraine!)

Organizers of Zaporizhzhia Faeton Technology Museum

Dmitro Poznyak and Team
Faeton Technology Museum
Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

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