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Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator updated to X-Plane 11 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator updated to X-Plane 11 in Kyiv, Ukraine

On 05.09.2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine was updated Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator with quality visual X-Plane 11 software which could be interesting for Soviet civil airplanes aviation enthusiasts and fans of Old Airplanes.

TU-134A Flight Simulator was built on basis of real cockpit of TU-134A aircraft USSR-65818 with all working gauges, natural sounds and adaptation of all control systems.

The update of visualization software to X-Plane 11 was neccessary step as X-Plane 10 gave no so quality picture and less impression for aviation fans to fly it.

Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator History

Start of works on creation of Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator was on 11.01.2008 with purpose to create a full flight simulator of TU-134A aircraft on a dynamic platform with navigation equipment, visualization system and simulation of acoustic noise which allows to fully convey the atmosphere of real flight.

Kyiv Flight Simulator Tupolev TU-134A | Ukrainian BullyThe first demonstration flight of completed Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator was on 11.01.2011 - so it took three years exactly to complete the project.

With the time it was made the decision to convert full flight simulator to classic static flight simulator so the planform is not movable anymore but still visualization updated to X-Plane 11 gave a feeling of a real flight.

The cockpit of TU-134A Flight Simulator includes all gauges, three-projectors with visualization software X-Plane 11, seven speakers distributed throughout the cab to simulate a three-dimensional sound pattern of cabin noise and vibration: sounds of running engines, gears release and retraction, runway taxing, oncoming airflow noise and more.

Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator flight cost:
On Request per hour.

The minimum time of the flight is 60 minutes and to book the time of the training it is needed to confirm 1 day in advance.

To book specific date and time, please, contact: or call +38 050 936 96 80 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).

Organizers of Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator in Kyiv

Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator Team
TU-134A Flight Simulator Center
Kyiv, Ukraine

Tupolev TU-134A Flight Simulator Video
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