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Kremenchuk Avia Fest | On 02.10 - 03.10.2021 at Potoky Airfield

Kremenchuk Avia Fest | On 02.10 - 03.10.2021 at Potoky Airfield

On 02.10 - 03.10.2021 at Potoky Airfield will be held Kremenchuk Avia Fest - international light aircraft aviation festival dedicated to 100th anniversary of the beginning of aviation history of the city and 450th anniversary of Kremenchuk.

Update! Dates of the festival changed to 02.10 - 03.10.2021!

Kremenchuk Avia Fest will be attended by Military-historical Club "Memory", NGO "Ukrainian Cossacks" and Museum of Military History of Kremenchuk.

Kremenchuk Avia Fest Program includes:

- Avia show of private light and amateur aircrafts
- Joy flights for festival visitors
- Parade of bikers
- Spectacular reconstructions and performances
- Knight's tournament
- Skating, entertainment and raffles
- Flying delicacies and delicious food
- Light aircraft exhibitions and presentations
- Hot air baloons show and flights
- Talent shows and DJ sets

Kremenchuk Avia Fest 2021 at Potoky Airfield took place with a paraglider, helicopter Mi-8MTV-1 overflying, Antonov AN-2 UR-LOV static display on the ramp, WW2 Reconstruction with Opel Blitz, BMW R75, 45-mm Anti-Tank Gun, motorcycles, buggy rides and food court with tasty dishes.

Kremenchuk Aviation History

The aviation history of Kremenchuk began in 1920s. There were five aviation educational institutions in Kremenchuk:

1921 - 1936 - OSOAVIACHIM with an aviation section
1937 - 1941 - Kremenchuk Aeroclub
1941 - 1953 - Kremenchuk Military Aviation School
1953 - 1959 - Kremenchuk 10th Military-aviation School of Primary Pilot Training
1960 - current time - Kremenchuk Flight School for Civil Aviation and now is Kremenchuk Flight College of National Aviation University

During the working time of these educational institutions more than 70 000 pilots have been trained among them almost 5000 are citizens of other countries.

Ten graduates of aviation educational institutions of Kremenchuk became Heroes of Soviet Union, three of them twice heroes, four graduates became astronauts and one of them Alexey Leonov is the first person on the earth who left in open space.

During Soviet era Potoky Airfield was established near Kremenchuk from which Poltava United Civil Aviation Detachment carried out regular passenger air transportation in Ukraine.

The airfield is also in use by Kremenchuk Flight College of National Aviation University and KremenchuK Aviation Club "Aeroclub"

You welcome to Kremenchuk!

Organizers of Kremenchuk Avia Fest

KremenchuK Aviation Club "Aeroclub"
Potoky Airfield
Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Kremenchuk Avia Fest | Video
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