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Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour | GR-280 Locomotive

Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour | GR-280 Locomotive and railcar ZIM (GAZ-12)

On 13.11.2021 in Haivoron will take place Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour with steam locomotive GR-280 and 52 km ride by historical Pafawag railway cars as well as test drive of railcar ZIM (GAZ-12).

For participants and tourists of Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour are waiting:

- Journey on a narrow-gauge railways led by a 70-year-old locomotive GR-280
- Tour to Gaivoron station and acquaintance with interesting facts from the history of the narrow gauge railway
- Traditional dish from the driver is Scrambled eggs with lard fried on a shovel in the furnace of a locomotive
- Acquaintance with the work of rare semaphores and electric rod system
- Opportunity to ride in a unique railcar ZIM (GAZ-12)
- Good mood accompanied by folk music
- Delicious lunch: fresh-soup in a cauldron on shores of Southern Bug
- Tasting of local delicacies: cheese, honey, smoked and dried fish
- 10 special photo stops in beautiful places for taking a train in motion pictures and videos

Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour Program

06:00 - gathering of participants in Kyiv
06:30 - departure of the bus to Haivoron (exactly on schedule - lateness is not allowed)
10:00 - arrival in Haivoron, general meeting of all participants of the tour at Station Aquare, registration and getting tickets
10:30 - Haivoron Station and Depot Tour with inspection of railway rolling stock and acquaintance with the history of the city and the narrow gauge railway. Optional test drive of railcar ZIM (GAZ-12) as passenger
11:30 - boarding railway cars and preparation for the trip
12:00 - departure of the steam train with locomotive GR-280 and 3 railways cars from Haivoron station
12:20 - arrival at Predbuzhya Station, lunch on the shores of the Southern Bug - fresh coup in a cauldron, photos near the bridge
13:00 - continue of the journey, photo stops at special places
16:00 - arrival at Bershad Station, scrambled eggs with lard fried on a shovel, general photo on the background of a steam locomotive GR-280
17:00 - departure of the train in the opposite direction, tasting of local delicacies - cheese, honey, smoked and dried fish in the railway cars
20:00 - arrival to Haivoron, the end of the railway tour, exchange of impressions
20:30 - departure of participants by bus from Haivoron to Kyiv
23:50 - arrival in Kyiv

Booking and cost of Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour: +38 050 936 96 80 or

The number of seat is limited to 120 passengers so be first to book the tour till 20.10.2021!

Welcome to Haivoron to enjoy ride by hostorical steam train lead by locomotive GR-280!

Steam Train Haivoron Express | Video
About Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway, Locomotive GR-280, Railcar ZIM

Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour | Pafawag Railway Cars
Haivoron Narrow-Gauge Railway

Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway or as it is affectionately called by the locals the "cuckoo" is a unique historical, cultural and tourist object, a real highlight and decoration of Kirovohrad region. This is one of the three railways with a track width of 750 mm which remained in Ukraine!

A few decades ago Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway was a whole system of railways the total length of which reached a thousand kilometers and united five regions. At present Holovanivsk - Haivoron - Rudnytsia section is 130 km long remains from the former system.

A unique rolling stock is operated on the narrow-gauge railway which is practically non-existent all over the world and a unique four-threaded track has been preserved on Haivoron-Holovanivsk section on which both narrow-gauge and wide-gauge trains can run!

Locomotive GR-280
This steam locomotive was built in 1950 at a factory in Babalsberg (a suburb of Berlin) and was given to Soviet Union as a postwar reparation. For a long time the steamer worked on industrial narrow-gauge railways where it transported long trains of freight cars. In the late 1990s with the participation of Gr-280 on Haivoron narrow-gauge railway actively conducted retro tours for foreign tourists. Currently it is one of the two operating locomotives of this series in Ukraine and one of 15 in the world!

Railcar ZIM (GAZ-12)
Railcar ZIM (GAZ-12) is a unique highlight of Haivoron narrow gauge railway. Previously this car was a very ordinary Vinnytsia taxi but at the initiative of the locksmith of the locomotive depot "Haivoron" in 1962 "ZIM" was converted into a railcar. This unusual road-rail vehicle is still successfully operated to this day. It is used for regular detours of the narrow gauge track to check the technical condition of the tracks. Currently this is the only classic Soviet limousine on the railway in Ukraine!

Pafawag Railway Cars
Pafawag Railway Cars are narrow-gauge railway cars which were manufactured in the early 1960s at a railway car-building plant in Wroclaw, Poland and was transfered tp Soviet Union for operation on the main narrow-gauge railways. In addition to the usual passanger railway cars there were cargo-mail railways cars and even compartment railway cars traveled on Haivoron narrow-gauge railway as the train could be on the road for 12-14 hours! Pafawag cars are valued for their reliability, comfort, durability and ease of operation and maintenance. Currently there are no more than 30 cars of this type in Ukraine. Three of them will give you their comfort during this railway tour.

Organizers of Haivoron Narrow Gauge Railway Steam Train Tour

Haivoron Locomotive Depot
Holovanivsk - Rudnytsya Narrow Gauge Railway
Haivoron, Ukraine

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