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European Union and Ukraine signed Open Skies Agreement

European Union and Ukraine signed Open Skies Agreement

On 12.10.2021 European Union and Ukraine signed Open Skies Agreement which open Ukrainian aviation market for low cost airlines of European Union bringing EASA standards for Ukrainian aviation industry.

For Ukrainian airlines it is the key moment to change their strategy in principles of air tickets price formation and quality of their aircrafts for passengers.

Two key low cost airlines Wizz Air and Ryanair already presented in Ukraine on international routes due to Open Skies Agreement could optimize flight schedule with domestic flights between key Ukrainian cities.

As these low cost airlines has good funding support in European Union they could drop prices to optimized minimum and provide new aircrafts of Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320-200 for passengers demands.

Possibly their first tactic step will be to push out of aviation market Ukraine International Airlines, Windrose Airlines, Bees Airline and Motor Sich Airlines by very low cost air tickests for domestic flights and keep it long time enough these airlines to loose interest in domestic flights aviation market.

Next or same time goal will be to get influence on international flight market and flights from Ukraine which let them to control Ukraine Aviation Market as domestic as international.

The increasing influence of new low cost airlines on Ukrainian aviation market will create hard pressure on business of classic airlines like Ukraine International Airlines, Windrose Airlines and Motor Sich Airlines. They will need to change to compete or will be push out from the market.

Espessially there is a worry about Motor Sich Airlines which continue passenger flights by classic Antonov AN-24 and plan to replace them with two Antonov AN-140 from Kharkiv Aviation Plant which are 52 passenger seats. ATR-72 of Windrose Airlines has up to 74 seats anf Boeing 737-800 of Bees Airlines - 189 seats which makes the cost per seat cheaper.

Ryanair Airlines will operate their main Boeing 737-800 aircrafts (189 seats) and Wizz Air Airlines - Airbus A320-200 (180 -186 seats) so it could push out from the market aircrafts of lower capacity.

For passengers of European Union and Ukraine the initial time of low cost airlines entry Ukrainian aviation market will be fantastic opportunity to fly cheap which will help Ukrainian and international tourism development but in long term with time when other classic airlines will be push out of the market - "low cost prices" will grow to an economically viable level and more.

Important moment that EASA aviathion standards will be implemented in all Ukrainian flight schools and pilots who get PPL(A), CPL(A) and ATPL(A) will not need to re-confirm their licences flying in European Union.

Production of Ukrainian aircrafts like Antonov brand or other light aircrafts will be certificated EASA aviation standards so it makes their sales in European Union possible.

The best influence of Open Skies Agreement will be great investments in Ukrainian airports infrastructure as increasing number of flights and number of passengers will bring larger funds for Ukrainian airports which could use them for building of new terminals, purchase quality equipment, construct new runways, training of quality personnel and create more service jobs.

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Organizers of Open Skies Agreement Sign

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