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World Congress Aviation in XXI Century | On 22.09 - 24.09.2020 in Kyiv

World Congress Aviation in XXI Century | On 22.09 - 24.09.2020 in Kyiv

On 22.09 - 24.09.2020 in Kiev National Aviation University will be held World Congress Aviation in XXI Century that is aimed at gathering aviation research and industry experts to share ideas on global trends in aviation safety and space technologies.

The venue of the event is National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The official languages of the congress are English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

World Congress Aviation in XXI Century Forums

1. Modern Space and Aviation Technologies
1.1. Automation and energy saving on aviation transport
1.2. Modern technologies of aircrafts airworthiness support
1.3. Aircraft fatigue and fracture
1.4. Modern tribotechnologies in aircraft and general purpose mechanical engineering
1.5. Engines and Power Installations

2. Intelligent Systems and Technology in the Aerospace Area
2.1. Methods and facilities of technical and medical diagnostics
2.2. Automated process control systems
2.3. Information technology and systems in the aviation industry
2.4. Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems

3. Modern Cybersecurity Challenges
3.1. Information Security Management
3.2. Information & Communication Technologies Security
3.3. Technical Information Security
3.4. Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

4. Information Technologies
4.1. Security of government information resources
4.2. Computer systems
4.3. Advanced information technologies in aviation
4.4. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

5. Air Navigation: Tendencies and Prospects
5.1. Navigation and air traffic management
5.2. Unmanned aerial systems and complexes
5.3. English in science and engineering: modern challenges
5.4. Avionics and control of complex systems

6. Electronics, Electronic Systems and Technology
6.1. Radar Methods, Systems, and Technologies
6.2. Biomedical Electronics
6.3. Microwaves and Antennas
6.4. Programmable Electronic Systems and IoT Electronic Technology
6.5. Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices and Systems
6.6. Cryptographic Information Protection in Electronic and Aerospace Systems

7. Environmental Protection

8. International Symposium on Electric Aviation and Autonomous Systems (ISEAS-2018)

9. Aviation Chemmotology

10. Communication Factor in Modern International Relations
10.1. International economic cooperation of Ukraine in the aviation and space fields
10.2. The transformation of journalism in the context of technologizing the world and the
processes of globalization
10.3. Information and legal foundations of international relations
10.4. The aviation and the tourism

11. Economics and Management in Aviation

12. Transport Technology and Logistics

13. Human Factor in Aviation
13.1 Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety.
13.2 Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems.
13.3 Human factor management: current situation and prospects.
13.4 Language modeling of aviation information systems.
13.5 Anthropological and historical-cultural dimensions of aviation safety.

14. Problems of development of the modern airport

15. Air and Space Law: International and National Issues of Security

16. Aspect of the Education Over the Life

17. ICAO Safety Strategies

Welcome to Kyiv and Ukraine!

Organizers of World Congress Aviation in XXI Century

National Aviation University
National Aviation University
Kiev, Ukraine

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