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Ancient Boats Festival | On 09.05 - 11.05.2020 in Rivne Basiv Kut Lake
Ancient Boats Festival | On 09.05 - 11.05.2020 in Rivne Basiv Kut Lake

On 09.05 - 11.05.2020 in Rivne will take place Ancient Boats Festival - the first event-festival of new Horodyshche Ostvytsya Museum of Live History of Kievan Rus with spectacular parade of ancient boat replicas.

The venue of the festival is Horodyshche Ostvytsya Museum at Basiv Kut Lake and working time: 10:00 - 18:00.

Tourists and guests of Rivne will be able to look at ancient boats of IX-XVII centuries reconstructed in different corners of Ukraine and abroad.

For participants of Ancient Boats Festival are waiting:
- spectacular parade of ancient boats
- paddle water races
- sailing by ancient boats
- participation in duels with ancient weapons - swords, bows
- ancient crafts - pottery, blacksmithing and others
- delicious dishes made on fire by recipes of ancient times

About Museum of Live History of Kievan Rus "Horodyshche Ostvytsya"

Horodyshche Ostvytsya Museum will be open in 2020 on the bank of Basiv Kut Lake at the foot of Basivkutivske Horodyshche in Rivne.

The museum will become a platform for interaction between reconstructors, craftsmen, archaeologists and other interested persons.

The territory of the museum will be used for various events - festivals, holidays, seminars, fairs, workshops, research and the museum itself will become an interesting tourist attraction for Rivne city.

Museum of Live History of Kievan Rus "Horodyshche Ostvytsya" is historic reconstruction of XVII - XVIII century ancient settlement, architectural and cultural reproduction of dwellings, crafts, outbuildings, wooden earthen walls, towers, fortified entrances, wells, boats where tourists could feel life and entertainment of Kievan Rus period.

On the territory of the museum-scansen there will be workshops of pottery, blacksmithing, weaving, wood and leather carving, baking bread, making a copy of jewelry and weapons that were found during archaeological excavations in territory of Basivkutivske Horodyshche. It is planned to create a boat dock and shipyard.

For tourists and guests of Rivne are waiting active holidays for the whole family: workshops, ancient fun, sword fighting, archery, authentic boat tours, festivals and souvenirs.

Welcome to Rivne!

Organizers of Ancient Boats Festival in Rivne

Museum of Live History of Kievan Rus Horodyshche Ostvytsya
Horodyshche Ostvytsya Museum
Rivne, Ukraine

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