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USSR Traffic Post with VAZ 2101 is new tourism attraction in Chernobyl

USSR Traffic Post with VAZ 2101 is new tourism attraction in Chernobyl

On 16.12.2020 at the entry to Chernobyl city opened restored USSR Traffic Post with VAZ 2101 in original painting of Soviet Militsiya that become a new tourist attraction of Chernobyl Zone for local and international tourists.

USSR Traffic Post is restored original Stationary Post of State Traffic Inspectorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukrainian SSR.

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Chernobyl is a city that froze in Soviet time. The streets here did not change their names: Sovetskaya, Kirova, Lenina and Krasnoarmeyskaya creating feeling as if you moved on a time machine.

After the reconstruction of USSR Traffic Post it seems as if the militsiya left their post for only a few minutes ago - an ironed coat hangs in a police car, the light is on in the post and there is a duty log.

For those tourists who will stop to see the new tourist attraction a small parking lot has been created.

For sure that USSR Traffic Post with VAZ 2101 will be one of the most popular photo zones for tourists in Chernobyl Zone.

The historical exposition was reconstructed at the initiative of Kyiv Region Police before Day of Honoring Participants of Chernobyl Accident Liquidation.

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Organizers of USSR Traffic Post with VAZ 2101

State Enterprise "Center for Organizational, Technical and Information Support of Exclusion Zone Management"
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