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Alexander Milov created LOVE Souvenir placing LOVE Sculpture in a Crystal

Alexander Milov created LOVE Souvenir placing LOVE Sculpture in a Crystal

On 17.11.2020 Odesa sculptor Alexander Milov announced creation of LOVE Souvenir placing world famous LOVE Sculpture in a glass crystal that let every admirer of master's talent to have a small copy of LOVE Sculpture at home.

Love Souvenir is a glass cristal 6 x 6 x 12 cm inside which LOVE Sculpture is engraved with a laser calls "LoveMachine". The weight of Love Souvenir is around 1,2 kg.

In plans of the sculptor creating of Love Souvenir as a night lamp as well.

To pre-order Love Souvenir it is enough to send e-mail to: writing in subject line "Love Souvenir".

The cost of Love Souvenir is around 50 US dollars and the exact price will be known near time when the first batch of LOVE Souvenirs will be created.

Sculptor Alexander Milov confirmed the delivery of Love Souvenir to every country of the world by parcel and post service.

Since Burning Man 2015 fans of LOVE Sculpture waiting for 5 years to have a small copy of LOVE Sculpture at home as an official souvenir.

The new masterpeace should become an official souvenir of Odesa and we hope that every tourist who visit Odesa and Ukraine return back home with a small copy of LOVE sculpture. Love Souvenir schould be available in Odesa Tourist Information Center and souvenir shops.

Welcome to Odesa!

Organizers of LOVE Souvenir

Alexander Milov
Odesa, Ukraine

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