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Operation Frantic Reconstruction | On 21.09.2019 in Poltava Aviation Museum

Operation Frantic Reconstruction | On 21.09.2019 in Poltava Aviation Museum

On in Poltava Long-Range Aviation Museum will be held Operation Frantic Reconstruction dedicated to 75th anniversary of joint strategic air operation of USSR and USA.

The venue is Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation and working time: 10:00 - 17:00.

Military reconstructors will recreate the events of the night 21th-22nd of June 1944 when German aviation bombed Poltava Military Airfield destroying 44 American bombers B-17, P-38 Lightning, two C-47s, 25 Soviet aircraft of different types.

Pyrotechnic at one of the film studios will undermine the layout of the military aircraft. Soviet soldiers will run to the plane to extinguish the flames and explode during new explosions. At the same time anti-aircraft guns will shoot at German planes. By loudspeakers visitors could hear the sounds of planes, whistles and bomb blasts.

The military reconstruction will be demonstrated by members of military-historical clubs of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lubny.

In the program of events there is exhibition of military equipment and soldiers' porridge.

At 15:00 in Poltava City House of Culture will take place festive concert with participation of National Presidential Orchestra.

Memorial sign dedicated to 75th anniversary of Operation Frantic will be opened in the park area of Poltava Long-Range Aviation Museum which display airports of Poltava, Myrhorod, Piryatin from which the operation was conducted.

Welcome to Poltava!


Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation
City: Poltava
Country: Ukraine

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