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IS-3 Tank Riding opened for tourists in Strategic Missile Forces Museum

IS-3 Tank Riding opened for tourists in Strategic Missile Forces Museum

On 4th of April 2019 in Strategic Missile Forces Museum near Pobuzke IS-3 Tank Riding opened for tourists - unique experience of riding the tank of 1946 that is recovered by team of local enthusiasts.

Tank IS-3 is demilitarized with original body, tank tower, tracks and chassis. The tank engine was changed because the initial one was not repairable. The interior is left without changes.

IS-3 Tank Riding takes minimum 30 minutes and take place on a polygon field near Strategic Missile Forces Museum.

IS-3 Riding in Strategic Missile Forces Museum | Video

As the tank engine is changed and it gives less hp power that is needed for fast riding, overcoming hills and moats - the ride take place only on a flat surface and with low speed. The maximum number of tourists per ride is two persons.

The ride is divided in two shifts - each on of 15-20 minutes as the tank engine is overheated and need to cool down. Between each shift for participants of the ride it is good time to go down through the hatch and test the tank driver's seat, feel how claustrophobic it is and why only short height people were taken as tankmen.

As IS-3 Tank is demilitarized there is no possible to shoot from it.

Actually the administration of Strategic Missile Forces Museum do not let tourists to drive IS-3 Tank as it is just become operational after more than one year of repairs. So tourists after dress tank uniforms over their clothes and put on their heads tank helmets ride the tank sitting on the top of the tank tower.

In case of emergency there is a special switch that tourist could turn on to signal to the tank driver and stop the tank.

Tank driver is a experienced tank driving instructor who worked in German Democratic Republic (1949 - 1990) on the east of Soviet Union.

You welcome to ride the historic tank IS-3 in Ukraine!

Organizers of IS-3 Tank Riding in Pobuzke

Administration of Strategic Missile Forces Museum
Strategic Missile Forces Museum
Pobuzke, Ukraine

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