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Lighthouse Tours open on 14.09.2019 in Odessa, Mykolaiv, Henichesk, Kherson

Lighthouse Tours open on 14.09.2019 in Odessa, Mykolaiv, Henichesk, Kherson

On 14.09.2019 in Ukraine open Lighthouse Tours for visit of Vorontsov Lighthouse in Odessa, Siversiv Lighthouse in Mykolaiv, Henichesk Lighthouse and Adziogol Lighthouse in Kherson.

There are plans to expand this list later so the infrastructure of Ukraine become more and more as a tourist magnet.

About Ukraine Lighthouses Opened for Tourists

Vorontsov Lighthouse in Odessa

The first stationary wooden lighthouse in Odessa was installed in 1845 at the tip of Quarantine pier on initiative of Admiral Mikhail Lazarev. In 1863 a cast-iron tower was built and next rebuilt in 1888 which lasted until the assault on Odessa in September 1941. This Vorontsov Lighthouse was a seventeen-meter-tall cast-iron tower tapering upwards with Fresnel system lighting device discharged from Paris. After the WWII In 1950-1953 Raid Pier was restored and a new lighthouse was built on it with a cylindrical tower. The white tower of the lighthouse of 26 meters high was made at Kronstadt Shipyard in 1954. For many years Vorontsov Lighthouse is a symbol of Odessa.

Siversiv Lighthouse in Mykolaiv

Siversiv Lighthouse Front was built in 1866 on Siversoviy Spit. It was a wooden tower that had the shape of a cut-off pyramid with a lantern to ensure safe passage of ships in this section of Bug River. A white stone quadrangular tower was erected in 1886 instead of a wooden tower connected to a two-storey residential building. Siversiv Lighthouse Front in 1871 changed the character of light: instead of red it began to shine constant white. In 1967 Siversiv Lighthouse Front was upgraded again. Today it is 16 meters hexagonal stone tower and the color of the light is red.

Henichesk Lighthouse

In 1878 engineer Pavel Samoilov get approval of the construction project of the lighthouse in Henichesk and receives the necessary funding. In 1880 the building of Henichesk Lighthouse was completed and provided in service of Directorate of Lighthouses of Black and Azov Seas. Next ordered Barbier & Fenestre lenses from Paris that took one year to arrive in Mykolaiv port and next two more years to install all equipment. In 1883 Henichesk Lighthouse began to shine ships of Azov Sea. Henichesk Lighthouse is unlike any other as it is a two-storey house with a tower which stands on the high bank of Utliutska Bay. Although its height is relatively small of 12 meters the overall height above sea level is 25.4 meters.

Adziogol Lighthouse in Kherson

Unique in design mesh steel hyperboloid lighthouse in Dnieper Estuary. Built in 1911 according to the project of engineer, academician Vladimir Shukhov. The height of the lighthouse is 64 meters. This is the highest single-section hyperboloid tower built by Vladimir Shukhov. The highest lighthouse in Ukraine it occupies 18th line in the list of the highest traditional lighthouses in the world. Not far from Rear Stanislav-Adziogol Lighthouse is another Shukhov's lighthouse - Front Stanislav-Adziogol Lighthouse of 34 meters high built at the same time.

Organizers of Lighthouse Tours in Ukraine

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine

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