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Krasnoilsk Malanka Carnival | On 13.01 - 14.01.2019 in Krasnoilsk

Krasnoilsk Malanka Carnival | On 13.01 - 14.01.2019 in Krasnoilsk

On 13th - 14th of January 2019 in Krasnoilsk, Chernivtsi region will be held Krasnoilsk Malanka Carnival - unique carnival with participants dressed in spectacular huge costumes made of straw.

The festival begin on January 13, 2019 at 18:00 after which Malanka groups will be visiting houses of local villagers all night.

Continuation of the holiday will take place on January 14, 2019 at 13:00 on square near Krasnoilsk Village Council where the best Malanka will be chosen.

About Krasnoilsk Malanka

There is a legend that Saint Vasil fleeing from unbelievers was forced to wear a mask on his face. That is why on Malanka holiday there is such a tradition to wear masks.

From ancient times in Krasnoilsk village lived Gypsy who taught small bears to dance and went with them to houses for earning money. When the bear grew up Gypsies drove him to the fair where was organized performance under sound of drums. For this spectacle gathered crowds of people who paid for the performance.

Over time during Malanka Holiday in addition to dance "Bear" they also performed dance "Goat with Shepherd" which is still relevant to this day.

According to tradition all Malanka participants gather together on Krasnoilsk central square dancing under the melody "Ursu" which in translation means "Bear".

Between Malanka participants there is a competition for the largest amount of ornament on clothes (flowers, tapes, corolla) but the dance and melody remain as hundreds years ago - such as Gypsies sang and danced.

In Krasnoilsk Malanka take part unmarried men and women only.

Each of five corners of Krasnoilsk village present its Malanka. Two Malankas - from Krasna-Putna on the right side of the road, two Malankas - Krasna-Ileski on the left side of the road and one in the upper part of the village.

In addition the villagers will entertain tourists having transformed into a lot of interesting and extraordinary characters of modern time.

The festival should be spectacular and vivid. Welcome to Krasnoilsk Malanka!

Organizers of Krasnoilsk Malanka Carnival

Krasnoilsk Village Council
Krasnoilsk Village Center
Krasnoilsk, Ukraine

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