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For You, Independent Motherland Open-air Concert | On 23.08.2018 in Kiev

For You, Independent Motherland Open-air Concert | On 23.08.2018 in Kiev

On 23.08.2019 in Kiev will be held For You, Independent Motherland Open-air Concert with participation of P. Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble, Veryovka National Ukrainian Ensemble and H. I. Maiboroda National Honored Bandurist Choir.

The venue of the festival is Sophia Square and concert time - 19:00 - 22:00.

Each of the legendary ensembles will have 50-minute performance.

P. Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble who has toured all over the world, performed on five continents in 80 countries of the world will show the best show on Sophia Square: Cossack playful dance "Povzunetz", "Gypsy Dance", "Volyn Patterns", "Kiev Boys", "Plaskach", dance of Romanian Gypsies "Verbunk", "Sailors", "Dolls"and the legendary "Hopak".

Veryovka National Ukrainian Ensemble has a large and varied repertoire. Now 200 thousand of Ukrainian songs have been recorded. The choir not only preserves its creative heritage but also makes new recordings. The program will sound: "Oh, in the meadow red viburnum", "Hey, you, Sich's shooters", "Danube, Danube", "Why didn't you come", "Let's pour brothers", vocal-choreographic composition "Zaporozhians", Crimean Tatar dance "Emir Jelyal ve Haytharma", vocal and choreographic composition "Arkan", "Carries Galya Water", "Squash, guys, horses", "Roars and moans Dnieper wide", "Holiday hop" and others.

H. I. Maiboroda National Honored Bandurist Choir is an outstanding collective that represents on the world stage a unique Ukrainian cultural musical phenomenon that appeared 100 years ago in the territory of the newly created Ukrainian People's Republic. Bandurist's Chapel is an original synthetic, sophisticated genre of Ukrainian kobza performance that began in the early twentieth century. During the concert will sound: "God is with us", "Zashumi, Dnipro", "Sword of Aria", "Song about Yur Tyutyunnik", "Gay steppes, dark ravines", "Oh the village is visible", "Fishermen", "Kohana", "Son, ducks fly","Cossacks rode across the field", the song of Ukrainian plastuns "When on the way", "Cossacks rode for the Danube" and many others.

Conductor Alexey Boyar
Soloists: Alexei Savchuk (tenor), Alexander Nikulin (tenor), Roman Pohodnya (tenor), Yaroslav Zverev (tenor), Denis Kuzin (tenor), Yaroslav Velikiy (tenor), Igor Borkivets (tenor), Vladimir Dorozhinsky (bass) Maxim Perian (bass).

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Organizers of For You, Independent Motherland Open-air Concert

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Sophia Square
Kiev, Ukraine

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