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Festival Wings | On 12.05.2018 in Zhytomyr | Aircraft Tu-104

Festival Wings | On 12.05.2018 in Zhytomyr | Aircraft Tu-104

On 12th of May 2018 in Zhytomyr will take place Festival Wings with purpose of raising funds for restoration of aircraft Tu-104 in Park of Yuri Gagarin.

The venue of the festival is Park of Culture and Rest named after Yuri Gagarin and working time - from 12:00 to 22:00.

Festival Wings Program includes:
- rowing on boats "Dragon"
- bike show
- air show with aerobatics figures
- exposition of aircraft models
- exhibition of sport cars and other equipment
- sites on which everyone can be reincarnated as a rescuer, driver, pilot
- lectures, trainings, master classes
- scientific, technical and aesthetic activities
- thematic film screening
- music performances of DJs
- entertaining playground for children
- fair of hand-made
- Ukrainian modern music during concert of groups Zerno and Zapaska
- food court
- photo areas
- hot air ballooning
- chess tournament

Total cost of restoration of aircraft Tu-104 in Park of Culture and Rest named after Yuri Gagarin in Zhytomyr is about 1.5 million hryvnia (around 47 000 Euro).

History of Aircraft Tu-104 in Park of Culture and Rest named after Yuri Gagarin

After accident in Leningrad in 1981 aircrafts Tu-104 were withdrawn from service. At the airbase in Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan region the aircraft Tu-104 with onboard number 42367 was also subject of decommission.

Same year at personal request of the first secretary of Zhytomyr City Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine Nikolai Yakovenko Marshal of Aviation Grigory Skorykov presented this aircraft to Zhytomyr city. From Akhtubinsk the aircraft flew to military base near Ozerne village.

In 1982 it was decided to set aircraft Tu-104 in Pioneer Park which was located to the right of Yuri Gagarin Park. The hard logistic task was set - how to transfer the aircraft to the parking lot. So they removed wings and tail fins - only the body on wheels remained. Then drove Tu-104 from Ozerne village along streets of Zhytomyr to Pioneer Park. For the body of the aircraft was able to fit into the turns it was necessary to disassemble fences and even poles, raise trolleybus wires. Then were brought and mounted wings, tail and gangway. All works were completed in the early spring of 1983.

Immediately there was an idea to create children's cinema in aircraft Tu-104 but regional fire department was against it. Reason for firefighters is the absence of second evacuation exit. But soon it was installed a second gangway and the cinema was opened. Whole days for children showed cartoons. They could sit in the cockpit in seats of pilots. Unfortunately in a half a year the aircraft was robbed. At night hatches were opened at the bottom and thieves climbed into the cockpit and took off a lot of equipment. Then in aircraft Tu-104 created a room of laughter "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors".

Now this legendary aircraft is one of symbols of Zhytomyr and monument of aviation of middle of XXth century.

Organizers of Festival Wings

Youth Organization Zerno
Park of Yuri Gagarin
Zhytomyr, Ukraine

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