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Danube Visiting Festival | On 8th of September 2018 in Vylkove

Danube Visiting Festival | On 8th of September 2018 in Vylkove

On 8th of September 2018 in Vylkove, Odessa region will be held Danube Visiting Festival - unique gastronomic festival of Danubian herring and prepared dishes.

The venue of the festival is Vylkove also well know as Ukrainian Venice where streets of the village are channels on which tourists and guests of the festival could row on wooden boats.

Danube Visiting Festival will bring together restaurateurs, local producers, the best Ukrainian chefs, renowned experts, food bloggers and gourmets.

Within two days tourists could have a lot of gourmet souvenirs, local exotica, new dishes on a traditional basis and gastronomic discoveries.

The feature of the festival will be the opportunity to buy environmentally friendly seasonal products of the finest quality - strawberries, Danubian herring, frog legs at a good price.

During the festival a new national record for the largest amount of fish soup will be established with a unique local recipe. Residence of the catering will work all day for free.

For those who wish to look their own eyes on strawberry fields and grape plantations on islands of Danube Delta, rice field as well as plunge into the atmosphere of a true Danube fisherman organizers of the festival offer group tours:

- Tour to "0 km" sign on Danube river
- River tour to Danube Biosphere Reserve
- Row on wooden boats the canals "yeriks" of the old city
- night fishing tour
- Vylkove sightseeing tour with visiting of unique religious objects of architectural heritage of Old Believers of XVIII-XIX centuries

In the evening will take place an unforgettable Musical Show with participation of National Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Venezuelan conductor Hobart Earle.

For romantics and wildlife seekers organizers will create tent camping in beautiful place on banks of Danube river.

At the market and in the local restaurants of Vylkove tourists could try various types of Danubian herring or as they say "Danubka" - the main industrial fish in Vylkove village which enters Danube river for spawning from the second half of March to the end of July. Danubian herring is depicted on official coat of arms of the village and is considered to be its gourmet souvenir.

Also the season of strawberry "Zarnitsa" has just begun which is grown on islands of Danube Delta. The unique combination of favorable soft and moist climate, fruiting soil and large freshwater reserves allow cultivating this early strawberry without adding chemical fertilizers.

Vylkove is the only place in the world where tourists could taste a special variety of wine "Novak" which is made according to special technology tested by several generations. According to the legend seedlings of grapevine "noa" were brought to this land by merchants from shores of Amazon river and gradually adapted to local climatic conditions. Grapes have a unique root system that feels comfortable in groundwater and has a strong immunity to pests. In addition to the fact that wine from this grape is a natural, environmentally friendly product - thanks to cultivation method, traditionally, strawberries are planted among grape rows, it is distinguished by a pleasant strawberry flavor.

One more exotic grain crop of Vylkove could be considered rice - "White Gold of Bessarabia". Rice is grown on flood small fields in floodplain of Danube river. It has its own individual taste which is combined with different products. Boiled Kiliya rice contains vitamins B, E, iron and vegetable fiber and very good for heath.

Welcome to Vylkove!

Organizers of Danube Visiting Festival in Vylkove

Vylkove Village Council
Vylkove Village Center
Vylkove, Ukraine

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