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Jean Reno came to Synevyr Lake for filming in The Last Step Movie

Jean Reno came to Synevyr Lake for filming in The Last Step Movie

On on Synevyr Lake and National Park Synevyr came French actor Jean Reno for filming in The Last Step movie.

Ukrainian - French film The Last Step is announced as the latest film in the career of Jean Reno.

In addition to Jean Reno in the filming take part Canadian actress Sarah Lind, English actor Tom Hopper, American actor as well as Ukrainian actors Igor Tsyshkevych, Margarita Burkovskaya, Oleg Karpenko and others.

Filming will take place in Carpathians on Synevyr Lake and National Park Synevyr, in Kiev, New York (USA) and Canada.

The film is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2019.

The cinematographer of The Last Step movie is Thierry Arbogast - multi-award winning French cinematographer.

On base of scenario Henry (Jean Reno) the most wanted of hired killers enjoys lonely retirement on shore of remote lake (Synevyr Lake) in Canada. A girl at death after a serious motorcycle accident finds refuge in his chalet. The man who killed all his life saves life for the first time.

In January 2018 Ukraine State Film Agency concluded an agreement with the company "East West Production" on filming of a full-length film "The Last Step" on state financial support in amount of 21 million 630 thousand UAH (around 645 000 Euro). Total cost of film production is 73 million 877 thousand UAH (around 2 200 000 Euro).

Organizers of Jean Reno Visit to Synevyr Lake

East West Production
City: Synevyr Polyana
Country: Ukraine

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