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Strum EV Charging Stations Network open 7 EVCS in Kiev | DTEK

Strum EV Charging Stations Network open 7 EVCS in Kiev | DTEK

On DTEK Corporation opened in Kiev seven Strum EV Charging Stations - the first step in creation of All-Ukrainian EV charging stations network.

EV charging stations of DTEK network equiped:

- CCS 50 kW (Nissan LEAF, 40 kWh, 85% charged in about 35-45 minutes)
- CHAdeMO 50 kW (Nissan LEAF, 40 kWh, 85% charged in about 35-45 minutes)
- Type 2 / 22 kW (Nissan LEAF, 40 kWh, 100% charged in about 6-7 hours)

Locations of Strum EV Charging Stations in Kiev:

- Business Center "Astarta", Yaroslavska St, 58, Kyiv
- TSUM, underground parking, Khreschatyk St, 38, Kyiv
- Business Center "101 Tower", 3rd level of parking, Lva Tolstoho St, 57, Kyiv
- Business Center "IQ", -1st level of parking, Bolsunovska St, 13, Kyiv
- Mall "Magelan", Akademika Hlushkova Ave, 13B, Kyiv
- Mall "Domosfera", open parking, Stolychne Hwy, 101, Kyiv
- Mall "Rayon", 3rd level of parking, Mykoly Lavrukhina St, 4, Kyiv

Strum EV Charging Stations Cost

For private clients EV charging service cost 8.00 UAH (around 0.25 Euro) per kWh.

Strum EV Charging Stations Rules of Service

- for AC port charging (Type 2 / 22 kW socket) 50% of consumed amount will be refunded to the balance. So for Type 2 charging each kilowatt-hour costs only 4.00 UAH (around 0.125 Euro)
- regardless of port type used at least 25.00 kWh must be available on the account at the start of each charging session
- after registration on web-site or via Strum Charging app owner of EV have to top up the account using Visa / MasterCard issued by any bank
- it is possibile to top up the account by 5 to 500 kWh at a time
- if charging session is terminated before completion the unused amount remains on the virtual account

Starting from Kiev DTEK Corporation begin creation of global Ukrainian EV charging stations network by own brand Strum with idea to expand the market of electricity sales and make EV fast charging more accessible for owners of electric cars and travellers who use EVs for tourism or business purposes.

Organizers of Strum EV Charging Stations Network

DTEK Corporation
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine

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