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Mykolaiv River Fest | 08.09 - 09.09.2018 | Sailing Regatta

Mykolaiv River Fest | 08.09 - 09.09.2018 | Sailing Regatta

On - in Mykolaiv will be held Mykolaiv River Fest - festival dedicated to city day with sailing regatta, entertainment and musical program.

The venues of the festival will be Embankment Nizhniy BAM, Mykolaiv Yach Club and Residential Complex "Rivera".

From 10:00 on Embankment Nizhniy BAM there are holiday areas:

  • Tourist - master classes, show stands and wicker park
  • Cossack - show performances and photo zones
  • Theater - live sculptures, animation
  • Creative - various master classes
  • Marine - master classes on knitting of sea knots, games, exhibition of marine equipment and photo zones
  • Historical - archaeological finds, tours and more
  • Sports - Panna Football creative sports games, Football billiards
  • Food Zone - cool drinks and delicious food
  • Children - attractions, playgrounds with fairy-tale characters

Mykolaiv River Fest Program

08.09.2018, Saturday

10:00 - 17:00, River Fest - Paradise on Water
Embankment Nizhniy BAM

07:00 - Competition "Best Fisherman"- there will be a competition for fishing among amateurs and professionals. The festival's partners provide special equipment and gifts to the winners
10:00 - Ceremonial Opening of Mykolaiv River Fest. Mykolaiv City Mayor will open the festival, award participants of contest "Best Fisherman", devote young mariners into navigators of Young Mariners Club and start the race of Dragonbots
10:30 - Dragonbot Race
11:30 - Paradise on Water - in the river will appear modern catamarans "Elena" and "Lyubov Ivanova" (with orchestra and flag bearers aboard), canoes, dragon boats and small sailing yachts from city sports schools, cruising yachts, water scooters, modern boats of Police and Ministry of Emergency Situations, hydrofoil, boats of military special units, military boats, modern towboats
12:45 - Air Show - aircrafts of "Ikar" Aviation Sports Club will perform the air show for spectators
13:00 - Towboats Water Show - special water show-surprise from the festival partners
14:00 - Parade of presentations

09.09.2018, Sunday

10:00 - 22:00, River FEST - Rivera Fest
Near Residential Complex "Riviera"

10:00 - Parade of presentations - Opening of the festival day
11:00 - Performances of State Emergency Services - units will hold special show performances after which all interested persons can be photographed near fire trucks
12:00 - Parking Fest Sports Festival - sport master classes, show performances and competitions with: Crossfit, Workout, Panna Foot Ball and much more. Children will also compete on giroscooters and the best hip hop groups compete in music battles
16:00 - Gala concert of River Star Talent Festival - finalists of the festival, collectives from different cities of Ukraine in different genres, such as: choreography, vocals, instrumental music, original genre, theatrical art and humor will perform at the stage.
20:00 - Awarding of the best participants of Mykolaiv River Fest
20:30 - Performance of stars of the festival - Music Group "MMDANCE"

Mykolaiv River Fest Sailing Regatta

08.09.2018, Saturday

River Fest - Regatta "Mykolaiv City Mayor Cup", Mykolaiv Yacht Club

10:00 - Solemn start - on the large stage will be the solemn start of yachtsmen of participants of Regatta "Mykolaiv City Mayor Cup". All yachts will join other participants in "Parade on the Water"
11:00 - Concert of River Star Talent Festival - already known and new songs about Mykolaiv, groups perform dance music tracks or songs about Mykolaiv
13:00 - Opening ceremony of Regatta "Mykolaiv City Mayor Cup" - yachts are on their starting positions, judges give a start and then the competitions begin in special nominations
17:00 - Rewarding participants of Regatta "Mykolaiv City Mayor Cup"

09.09.2018, Sunday

River Fest - Regatta "St. Nicholas Cup", Mykolaiv Yacht Club

10:00 - Grand opening of Regatta "St. Nicholas Cup" - yachts are on their starting positions, judges give a start and then the competitions begin in special nominations
11:00 - Concert of River Star Talent Festival - on stage will perform best teams from different cities of Ukraine in various genres such as choreography, singing, instrumental music, original genre, theater and humor
14:00 - Catamaran "Talents" - catamaran with participants sail to Residential Complex "Riviera" to participate in Gala Concert
15:00 - 17:00 - Promotion of Gala Concert of the festival
17:00 - Rewarding participants of Regatta "St. Nicholas Cup"

Welcome to Mykolaiv!

Organizers of Mykolaiv River Fest

Mykolaiv City Council
City: Mykolaiv
Country: Ukraine

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