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St Andrew Evenings Holiday | On 12th of December 2018 in Kiev

St Andrew Evenings Holiday | On 12th of December 2018 in Kiev

On 12th of December 20018 in Kiev will be held St Andrew Evenings Holiday - celebration of traditional ritual Ukrainian holiday with work-shops, Ukrainian cuisine, entertainment and concert.

The venue of the event is Mirror Hall of Red University Building of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and timing - 17:30 - 21:00.

St Andrew Evenings Holiday Program includes:

- Photo area with real Cossacks - professional dancers from Ivan Honchar Museum organize dance master class

- Kalita - traditional performance on St Andrew evening. The man who take a bit of Kalita bread will spend whole year in love!

- Jewish tavern and traditional Ukrainian cuisine

- Masters classes on creation of gingerbreads of own design as a gift for family members, relatives and friends

- Master-classes for creating of Motanka Dolls - opportunity to create traditional Ukrainian amulet for themselves or loved ones

- Fortune tellers will open your future - in addition to traditional ways of divination every girl could learn how to adapt old divination to the present and know the name of the groom!

- Performance of Folk and Ethnographic Ensemble "Vesnyanka" - laureates of international and state competitions which have already fallen in love with half-world by Ukrainian folk dances

Lets meet at St Andrew Evenings Holiday!

About Kalita Traditional Performance

On St Andrew Evenings girls baked Kalita - white dough cake that was a symbol of happy marriage. Kneading the dough cake each girl thought about her beloved. In the center of Kalita made a hole so that the cake could be hung from the ceiling.

In the evening girls invited boys for dinner with dumplings, pies, cabbage rolls and compote.

With help of girl's red belt or ribbon Kalita was hung from the ceiling passing the belt through a hook for baby's wicker cradle. When hang Kalita girl sing song:

"To the sky, Kalita, to the sky,
And you, sun, rise
And look at us.
We hang Kalita
And look at the Moon
Call for happy destiny"

For the free end of the ribbon Kalita was held by Mr. Kalitinsky, young man or girl who could cheer up all participants. The scribe stood next to him holding a cauldron with soot dissolved in oil or water in one hand and rough brush in the other.

Crossed fire iron and oven fork were laid on the floor. Young men dance a quick dance jumping over fire iron and oven fork but not touching them.

Finishing the dance young man sat astride the fire iron and bouncing drove up to Kalita. At the same time between Mr. Kalitinsky and Mr. Kotsyubinsky (the man on the fire iron, in Ukrainian the fire iron is "kotsuba") there was a conversation:

- Good evening, Mr. Kalitinsky!
- Be healthy, Mr. Kotsyubinsky!
- Why you come here?
- Take a bite off Kalita!
- And I will write on teeth!
- And I will take a bite off!
- And I will write on!
- Oh, you write or not - I'm on a white horse!

Only the young man who despite the jokes did not laugh could bite off Kalita. In case Mr. Kalitinsky noticed a smile on Mr. Kotsyubinsky’s face he tugged the end of the ribbon and Kalita jumped up and the scribe painted the face of the “loser” with soot.

The young men who managed to bite off Kalita were called Andrew. The girls put wreaths of spikes and viburnum on their heads and kissed them in the mouth. Sometimes girls also were allowed to bite off Kalita but in their case they had to drive up to Kalita sitting on the oven fork.

During Kalita gatherings young boys and girls underwent rite of joining to the company of young men and women after which they could participate in parties, go on dates, on mowing, perform all men's and women's work, woo and marry.

Organizers of St Andrew Evenings Holiday in Kiev

Scientific Society of Students of Faculty of History of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Mirror Hall of Red University Building of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Kiev, Ukraine

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