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Kiev Carsharing Service Getmancar will run on 09.01.2018

Kiev Carsharing Service Getmancar will run on 09.01.2018

On 9th of January 2018 in Kiev will run Kiev Carsharing Service Getmancar - the first in Ukraine fully autonomous carsharing service.

Carsharing is a per-minute, per hour and per day car rental that includes fuel, car washing, seasonal tires, taxes, maintenance and auto insurance.

Take the car at point A, drive where you need and return it at point B at no additional cost - all it becomes possible in capital of Ukraine.

In order to use service of car sharing tourists in Kiev need to install the application on his or her cell-phone and register. To use the service of a per-minute car rental in Kiev it is just needed to find a free car on app map and start renting of the car via same mobile application.

Kiev Carsharing Service Advantages

- No need to go to the office to register the contract - take the car on your own in the parking lot
- No person to gives the car, no person to accept it - there is no loss of time
- Do not give anybody any documents - just register once online in the system via mobile application
- Rental payment - automatically by the credit card for actual use of car
- Fuel is included in rental price
- No deposit - only pay for rental
- You can take the machine where you want and leave where you want (authorized by the rules of the road)
- There are no surcharges for return of the car in another place, outside the office, at night or on a day off
- Kiev carsharing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
- All control of the car and spends in your smartphone

Kiev Carsharing Service | How It Works

- Download the application or register on the site
- Choose an auto on the map and book using the application
- Open the car with the help of the application, inspect it and if everything is OK - press "I agree" in the act of receiving the car
- Start the engine and drive along the necessary route
- Park the rental car in any place in Kiev that is authorized by rules of the road

Kiev Carsharing Service Prices

Carsharing Per-Minute

  • Rent - 5.99 UAH per minute (0.19 Euro per minute)
  • The mileage is 0 UAH per km (you do not pay extra for the rerun if during the trip you did not exceed mileage of 50 km and if the mileage is exceeded 50 km per trip an additional 4.29 UAH is paid for each km (around 0.13 Euro)
  • Waiting - 0.99 UAH per minute (between rides use the service "Waiting" so the car will not occupied by other tenants

Carsharing Per-Hour

  • Rent - 59 UAH per hour (1.9 Euro per hour)
  • The mileage is 4.99 UAH per km (around 0.16 Euro per km)
  • Waiting - 59 UAH per hour (1.9 Euro per hour, between rides use the service "Waiting" so the car will not occupied by other tenants)

Carsharing Per-Day

  • Rent - 999 UAH per day (32 Euro per day)
  • The mileage is 0 UAH per km (you do not pay extra for the rerun if during the trip you did not exceed mileage of 100 km and if the mileage is exceeded 100 km per trip an additional 5.99 UAH is paid for each km (around 0.19 Euro)
  • Waiting - 0 UAH per hour (service "Waiting" is used only to close the car as in fact you have paid a day of rental in full)

Other General Conditions

  • Reservation is free of charge (reservation is free of charge up to 20 minutes, further payment is charged at "Waiting" tariff. There are three free bookings a day)
  • Calculation only for the period of use. Payment by credit card
  • Rental payment includes: car rental, fuel, CASCO insurance and OSAGO with a franchise of 20 000 UAH, tires according to the season, taxes and fees
  • Fuel is included in the price
  • There is no security deposit
  • In case of registration of the incident in the police, absence of fault of the lessee in the incident as well as not being in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication the amount of franchise (not reimbursed by the insurance company but reimbursed by the lessee) is 20 000 UAH (around 645 Euro).

Organizers of Kiev Carsharing Service

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