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Chernobyl NPP tours permit more easy to get with new procedures

Chernobyl NPP tours permit more easy to get with new procedures

On 20th of March 2018 State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management simplified procedures for obtaining Chernobyl NPP tours permit for tourists.

Foreign and Ukrainian groups of visitors and individuals could visit Chernobyl NPP for tourism purpose.

Now everyone could look how Chernobyl NPP works today, process of decommissioning and transformation of Object "Shelter" into environmentally safe system.

The focus will be on security measures for visitors who will be provided with all necessary personal protective equipment and will undergo mandatory dosimetric monitoring.

During Chernobyl NPP visit tourists will be able to follow the route of the station staff. The start of Chernobyl tours is from Slavutych city and next by train via territory of Belarus without stops to Chernobyl NPP. That is the way workers of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant go to work every day.

Introduction to the work of Chernobyl NPP will begin with checkpoint "Semihody" where the largest sanitary passer is located. After passing the controls tourists will see how the station lives today.

Guests will be able to get acquainted with main premises of 3rd Power Unit of Chernobyl NPP from which the reactor control took place and inspect power unit systems. In addition all interested persons will be able to see in action an integrated automated control system of object "Shelter" that now controls the status of the object and learn more about New Safe Confinement Novarka (NSC Novarka).

Tourists who like to visit Chernobyl NPP, familiarize themself with terms and procedures of Chernobyl tours and to apply for the tour, please, visit official web-site:

At the moment the site is only in Ukrainian language.

Chernobyl NPP Tours Route

Route "Basic"

  • Railway Station in Slavutych
    Place of meeting with the attendant: here tourists will be familiarized with rules of visit of the exclusion zone, check documents and form of clothing. Then tourists go by train to Chernobyl NPP
  • Checkpoint "Semihodi"
    Verification of identity documents. Here tourists have the opportunity to see the first and largest sanitary passer of Chernobyl NPP. The group get in the bus
  • Administrative-Household Complex (AHC-1)
    Chernobyl NPP Chief Office. Here tourists will receive a pass and go through check of documents and personal belongings
  • Protective Building №1
    Tourists will see a unique protective structure designed to protect personnel in emergencies
  • Zone of Strict Regime
    Acquaintance with objects on which take place management of nuclear reactors, auxiliary systems for generation of electricity and where the control over state of object "Shelter" is currently carried out:
    • Central Control Board (TSCHU-1) - location of management of open switchgear and workplace of manager of station's shifts
    • Control block of 3-rd Power Unit (BSCHU-3) - control place of all major technological processes during operation of reactor
    • Integrated Automated System of Object "Shelter" (IASOS) which controls the state of Object "Shelter" for several parameters
    • Main Circulating Pumps (MCP) of 3-rd Power Units which supplying water to the reactor core
    • Memorial plaque to Valery Khodimchuk - memorial to the operator of Main Circulating Pumps (MCP) who perished during performance of duties
  • Lunch (Dining Room №19)
    Сomprehensive dinner according to standards of treatment and prophylactic nutrition as well as for the staff of Chernobyl NPP
  • Bridge over Bypass Channel
    Tourists could look and feed bread famous Chernobyl catfish
  • Memorial to Liquidators
    Tourists will be told about victims of 1986 Chornobyl catastrophe and first emergency actions for accident recovery
  • Pavilion of Object "Shelter"
    According to the layout of Object "Shelter" tourists will be told the history of construction of the first protective structure over 4th Power Unit as well as construction of New Safe Confinement Novarka (NSC Novarka).
  • Checkpoint "Semihodi"
    Tourists will control the pollution of personal clothes and take train back to Slavutych.

Chernobyl NPP Tours Schedule and Terms

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Booking of Chernobyl NPP Tours is possibile online 3 months in advance.

The application for the visit is submitted in advance but not later than 14 calendar days prior to the date of the visit.

Chernobyl NPP Tours Cost

1 tourist - 2700 UAH per person (around 83 Euro)

Payment could be done online by credit card via web-site of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management.

The cost includes following services:

  • accompaniment along the route
  • briefing
  • translator services
  • transportation by territory of Chernobyl NPP
  • comprehensive lunch in Chernobyl NPP dining room
  • personal protective equipment (shoe covers, respiratory protective equipment, special clothing)
  • dose reference (optional, on request)

Insurance is provided by visitors on their own in agencies that chosen by State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management.

Chernobyl NPP Tours Discounts

Less than 5 tourists - no discount
5 - 10 tourists - 10%
More than 11 tourists - 15%

One tourist could book no more than 14 friends for one day.
Maximum number tourists in the group for one day visit is 15 persons.

Organizers of Chernobyl NPP Tours from Slavutych

State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management
Chernobyl Zone
Slavutych, Ukraine

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