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Unique Exposition Crowns of the World opened in Chernihiv

Unique Exposition Crowns of the World opened in Chernihiv

From 22.02.2018 - 22.02.2019 in Chernihiv take place Exposition Crowns of the World - more than 70 crowns of spiritual and secular leaders of different countries.

The venue of the exposition is Collegium of National Architecture-Historical Sanctuary "Ancient Chernihiv".

Exposition Crowns of the World contains more than 70 masterpieces. Some of which are originals, part of which are copies of crowns that represented in museums of Austria, Italy, Great Britain, France, Romania, Egypt and other countries of the world and some are reconstructions of crowns which is already lost and today do not exist in the world.

Special exhibits are Crown of St. Volodymyr - Baptist of Kievan Rus and Anna Byzantium. Reconstruction of crowns of X-XI centuries of St. Volodymyr and Anna Byzantium have not been held before until now, have no analogues and was made for the first time. The basis was frescoes, coins and Byzantine sights.

Exposition Crowns of the World presents Crown of King Daniel of Galicia as well as imperial headgear of Napoleon, Russian and Roman Empires. In addition the exhibition includes crowns of kings and queens of Great Britain, Greece, Poland, Romania and other European countries. Separate component of the exhibition is the nominal headgear of ecclesiastical lords and wedding crowns.

Among the crowns of the ancient world are reconstruction of crowns of Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, kings of Sumer and Assyria. Also impressive are headgears of majestic civilizations of America - Aztec Empire, Maya Civilization and Inca Empire.

Organizers of Exposition Crowns of the World in Chernihiv

National Architecture-Historical Sanctuary "Ancient Chernihiv"
Collegium of National Architecture-Historical Sanctuary "Ancient Chernihiv"
Chernihiv, Ukraine

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