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In Zaporizhzhya Airport opened terminal for domestic flights

In Zaporizhzhya Airport opened terminal for domestic flights

On in Zaporizhzhya International Airport (OZH) opened reconstructed terminal for passenger service of domestic flights.

At this point the terminal for domestic flights is intended for servicing of just 150 passengers per hour.

Terminal for domestic flights of Zaporizhzhya International Airport was built in 1982. Due to the growth of passenger traffic at the airport there was a need to repair the terminal and enter it into operation. Necessary funds have been allocated from Zaporizhzhya city budget. Works on reconstruction of the terminal began in September 2016 and cost 3.9 million UAH (around 139 000 US dollars). Now the terminal provide a comfortable environment for passengers stay.

The renovated terminal let Zaporizhzhya International Airport to increase passenger traffic. If necessary it can be used for international flights during the repair of the main terminal.

Also Zaporizhzhya International Airport has purchased the necessary equipment - snow machine, car with crane, emergency equipment, VIP service cars, passengers cars, ambulance.

In 2016 Zaporizhzhya City Council and Zaporizhzhya International Airport management have started to implement measures for the development of the airport and to ensure its operation. For this purpose 12.5 million UAH (around 446 000 US dollars) was spent from the city budget and 19.6 million UAH (around 700 000 US dollars) of own funds of the airport.

In 2016 began repair of the terminal for domestic flights, started to repair terminal for international flights, made reconstruction of lighting of the runway and landing radio equipment, purchased necessary equipment.

In 2017 Zaporizhzhya City Council plans to invest in the development of Zaporizhzhya International Airport 205 million UAH (around 7 320 000 US dollars). From this amount 180 million UAH (around 6 428 000 US dollars) reserved for start of construction of the new passenger terminal, 20 million UAH (around 714 000 US dollars) - for the repair of the runway, 5 million UAH (178 000 US dollars) - for continuation of construction of the fence around Zaporizhzhya International Airport.


Zaporizhzhya City Council and Zaporizhzhya International Airport
City: Zaporizhzhya
Country: Ukraine

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