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Vorzel Military Festival of WW2 | On 04.11 - 05.11.2017

Vorzel Military Festival of WW2 | On 04.11 - 05.11.2017

On 4th - 5th of November 2017 in Vorzel, Kiev region will take place Vorzel Military Festival of WW2 - festival of clubs of historical reconstruction.

Vorzel Military Festival of WW2 Participation Clubs

- "Marine Infantry of Dnipro Military Flotilla "Red Star", Kiev
- "Kiev Small Rifle Platoon "Red Star", Kiev
- "First Guards Artillery Division", Zhytomyr
- "Arsenal", Odessa
- "Right Bank", Novovoronzovka, Kherson region
- "First Polish Division namde afetr Kosciuszko", Kiev
- "Vertical", Kiev
- "Assault and Engineer-Demolition Platoon", Kiev
- "Zahid", Kiev
- "Shot", Kiev
- "1./Pi. Btl. 168"
- "Feldgend. Tr. 404"
- "Artillery Regiment 1LSSAH"
- "2.SS Pz. Gr. Rgt "Deutschland"
- "2./Pz. A. A. "GD"
- "172th Infantry Regiment 14/172 I.R."
- "5.SS Pz. Div. "Wiking"
- "Grenadier" 2./1IR LSSAH"
- "1./Pi. Btl 175"
- "Vertical" 5/FJR 2 Fallschirmjager Luftwaffe"
- "1./Infanterie Regiment 172"

Vorzel Military Festival of WW2 Program

04.11.2017, Saturday

12:00 - "Heroic History of Vorzel Anti-fascist Organization" - excursion to Museum of Vorzel Partisans at Museum "Uvarovsky House"
14:00 - "Assault on German Garrison by Vorzel Partisans" - reconstructors recreate the attack on Vlasovtsy's barrak by Vorzel Partisans that took place on 5th of October 1943 at territory of Sanatorium "Star"
18:00 - "Soldier's life on the fronts of WW2" - the tour around the camp of reconstructors: participants demonstrate recreated life of Soviet and German soldiers at park territory near Museum "Uvarovsky House"
20:00 - Movie show on an old movie projector with presentation of WW2 guerrilla short stories in Ukraine at Museum "Uvarovsky House"

05.11.2017, Sunday

10:00 - Excursion via route through which from Vorzel expelled Germans: Museum "Uvarovsky House" - Bilostotskiy's Obelisk - Brother's Grave at Kichivskyy cemetery
13:00 - Reconstruction of the battle for the release of Vorzel
13:45 - March of the reconstructors via park's alleys
14:00 - Military salute and laying flowers to Monument to Fallen Soldiers in park near Museum "Uvarovsky House"
14:30 - "First day in liberated Vorzel" - performances of choir of veterans "Memory" and folk ensemble of Ukrainian song "Pereveslo" (artistic director Vadym Zeleniuk), on the site - reconstructors in military uniform, guests make pictures with reconstructors, music of military years at concert ground of Museum "Uvarovsky House"

Organizers of Vorzel Military Festival of WW2

Museum of History and Culture "Uvarovsky House"
Uvarovsky House
Vorzel, Ukraine

Vorzel Military Festival of WW2 | Video
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