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Timber Rafting Museum re-opened in Synevyr National Park

Timber Rafting Museum re-opened in Synevyr National Park

On 1st of August 2017 in Synevyr National Park re-opened Timber Rafting Museum dedicated to industrial timber rafting by Black River from Carpathian Mountains.

By Black River the timber was rafted in bokors until 1950. Next the transportation of a valuable resource was carried out with the help of timber loggers.

The basis of the timber rafting was the dam which was a complex of building structures, technical units and mechanisms. Its length was 80 meters and width - 5.5 meters. The dam was built in the middle of XIX century by project of Austrian engineer.

The reservoir formed as a result of the dam was 2 km long and 300 meters wide. It could provide a simultaneous timber rafting of 4-5 bokors.

In 1973 the dam on Black River was examined by experts after which it was restored with idea to create Timber Rafting Museum which opened in 1976.

The exposition of Timber Rafting Museum consisted of numerous exhibits among which there are tools and clothes of loggers and raftsmen, various mock-ups and photographs. The largest and most valuable exhibit was the dam itself.

A unique dam was destroyed by November flood of 1998 but other exhibits managed to save. They were temporarily exhibited in Visit Center of National Nature Park "Synevir".

After the reconstruction of remains of Timber Rafting Museum exhibits moved back to Black River. Also the old Bokorash Kolyba was repaired, guide beams which was used for timber descent and even the bokor - all that tourists have an opportunity to know better about tibmer rafting craft.

Already the museum is visited by many tourists which is extremely interesting in bokor theme. Even the dirt road of 2.2 km which needs to be overcome to get to Timber Rafting Museum is not a problem for travelers.

Organizers of Timber Rafting Museum in Synevyr National Park

Synevyr National Park
Synevyr Polyana, Ukraine

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